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My new Mountaineer


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March 23, 2010
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03 Monty Luxury
Hi everyone, I have been around for a while reading and stuff and finally decided to post. I purchased this 2003 Mountaineer AWD, V8 for $600. Here in Germany. I kind of bought for the price didn't even test drive it. It has 119K on everything except the engine, it seized back in 2013 and it only has 1,200 miles so far. It is the mustang engine so I'm dealing with the knock sensor issue right now looking for a new place to mount them. It has some issues, like bearings are bad, torque converter is noisy and speedo completely drops when letting of the gas and comes back to normal as soon as you accelerate, not sure what is going on there. I am currently deployed, been here for about eight months now with a possible return of December. I bought it two weeks before I left so did not have a chance to get to know her. Good thing is the deployment has allowed me to buy all the parts and they are just waiting for me at home. It runs smooth and shifts quite nicely, it can hit 100mph+ in the autobahn here in Germany but only done it twice. Not super confident in doing it just yet. Anyway here she is and thanks for all your input, take care.





$600?! Geez.
Why didn't they just GIVE it to you??

Hope you get the bugs worked out. That's a whole lotta truck for a few bennies.