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My New, New 347

I'm abandoning my old thread (My new 347), as the motor has been an epic fail for many reasons.
Against any sane reason, I'm trying again.

Post #1 is a thread with all parts for my own records. I'll keep adding to this as I have the time and know what parts are being used.

New (Used) unmolested factory block from Vroomzoomboom. Thanks Tim!
Eagle Forged 4340 Steel Crankshafts 430234705400 w ESP Armor coat option
Bullet Pistons BF6010-030 - 2618 Forged Flat top w TFS valve reliefs made for power adder applications
Rods -I beam Forged (From Old Motor)
King Pro Series Bearings
Michigan 77 SH1321 Cam Bearings
MEL10688 HV Oil Pump - Block and pump machined to fit under the stock oil pan
FEL-1133SD MLS head Gaskets
PAC-1207X LS Springs (Yes Tim, there is something Cheby going in to my Ford motor)
Comp Ultra gold 1.6 rockers (old build)
HRC911968 Howards link bar lifters
Comp Cam 35-775-8 proposed, may change after head flow number change 35-775-8 - XFI™ Stroker Hydraulic Roller Camshafts, Computer controlled (E.F.I.) with O.E. hydraulic roller cams 1985-95
rollmaster timing set (Hopefully re-usable from old build)
TW170 heads (old build) that will be ported and the chambers softened for boost
push rods: 5/16" with a length of 6.7" (old build)
ARP Head Studs (old build)
Torque converter CircleD SKU:30-09-19 11" 2800 stall triple disk lockup FORD 11" HP Series 4R70 Torque Converter
Trick Flow Track Heat intake (old build)
Cometic C5652-060 intake manifold gasket
ARP Oil Pump Driveshaft Kit 1 54-7904 (old build)
ARP Flexplate Bolt Kit 100-2901 (old build)
PCV Valve EV127A
header gasket remflex 3003

28oz Damper (Americas Largest supplier of harmonic balancers)-re-balanced by machinist to 0
28oz flex Plate 1830201 - Small Block Ford 289-351W 1963-1982, 28 oz Ext-bal, 164 Teeth -re-balanced by machinist to 0

Injector Clinic 650H 62lb injectors
Return style fuel pump canister installed in fuel tank (1998 Explorer)
Another 6an braided line added as a fuel return line
Aeromotive Stealth Electric Fuel Pump 11542 340lph
Aeromotive 13130 fuel regulator
Trick Flow TFS-5158000R fuel rails


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thanks for the heads up on kojak report. i will keep that in mind when i go to the city in i have time for that. spring in winnipeg means road construction, and cops busting anything on a sunday night.

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yea, Gman called it.
The officers that are not handing out tickets are getting called out in meetings. It's definitely revenue generation.
It should pass in the next month or so.

Glad to hear the engine is doing well, not having to check the oil a lot is wonderful.

For the idle, that's a pretty big cam for what appears to be a mild rpm turbo engine. I think that's most of the idle deal, people love it I know, but subtleness is good too.

Is it loud ? Any room for quieter mufflers?
Is it just a lumpy cam- popcorn maker idle, that is drawing the attention?

It's the lumpy cam. I turned the idle up a bit more to try to even it out a bit, but it didn't really help. The turbo in the back doesn't help the lumpy situation by the way it almost baffles the noise and makes the exhaust note thump that much more. The muffler under the truck is huge, and there is no room for anything bigger. It's a straight theu style though, and that doesn't help muffle like a chambered one would. A chambered muffler creates more exhaust back pressure though....and who wants that?

As far as loud, lumpy exhaust goes, Tim can be heard for miles, lol.

Gotcha. Was thinking a better chambered muffler for cruising mode, and then add a cable wastegate at the collector for fun mode. :D

Forgot about the rear turbo tho.

I don't think its terribly loud, but there is no mistaking something unusual is going on under the hood that probably belongs at the race track.

The policeman I was talking to was a great guy. Probably in his late 40's, and followed me till I parked just so he could talk motors. He also wished we were back in time and more hot rodding went on. He loved the sound of my truck, and said at the stop light he couldn't figure out which vehicle it was coming from.

I'm also working on lowering light throttle shift points in the tune as much as I can without lugging the motor. I want to keep it as docile as I can until I go deeper in to the throttle. Funny thing is, its still not a tire smoking animal, it just pulls really, really hard.

Tim can be heard for miles, lol.

coming from the guy who sounds like a 747 taxiing down the runway lol!

at the stop light he couldn't figure out which vehicle it was coming from.

that is a advantage as well. if there is a camaro or mustang sitting by you at a stop light, they will look at them first before looking you. we are the only 2 guys around here that have done up a second gen, or any gen explorer for that matter. you are lucky in one way, you can hind. people have told me evil kinda sticks out.......just a little bit....

My subdivision is chocked full of loud high hp muscle cars. They treat the road on the side of my home like a 1/8 mile strip. In the 6 years being here, I have yet to see one pulled over.

If I forget what day it is, they remind me it's a weekend.

There was a city close by that got the chief fired, for treating its citizens like an atm. He blamed the mayor for it, and the mayor fires him, claiming the 5th amendment. Lol

I hope after all you been thru, you get to enjoy it. Might have to be at a track, but better than nothing.

Agreed Gman, if I have a strong running, reliable, dd I'll be a happy guy.

Tim, yea that turbo whine once I start moving makes for an interesting noise.

I just cranked the fun knob (boost controller) about a quarter turn. I sue hope I can stop there, as I really don't want to end up with two four cylinder motors under the hood. that would make me sad.

If you did you would then know you made over 600-650 hp at the crank.....for a moment

I cranked the fun knob too much. I was over 10lbs boost, and that will most certainly blow stuff up.
Its a fine adjustment, and I haven't found the sweet spot of about 5lbs boost yet. I don't want to be pulling a bunch of timing because of added boost, and block longevity becomes a concern (Although the power comes on smooth, and around 3500rpm which should be easy on the block)

I'll check my oil level in the next few days, but it does look like the back breaking work of replacing those valve guide seals paid off. The garage doesn't fill with blue smoke anymore.

I did have to fix a dip stick oil leak at the block though. We had to pull it out of the block to get one of the springs off, and that sucker just seems to want to leak.
The only way to do this properly is to pull the upper intake off so I can get the whole tube out, clean it of all rtv, smear some new rtv on, and re-insert.
What did I do? Pull the tube up out of the hole in the block, reach my finger up and smear the tube with rtv as best I could, and re-insert the tube. This worked. I keep a mickey mouse hat in the corner for just these occasions.
The next time I have the upper intake off, I'll pull the tube right out and clean it up properly.

Im fighting p0300 multiple cylinder misfires.
I went to see Tim to see if his scanner would show me which cylinders were the offending ones.
It was a brain fart on my part, as I realized that SCT livelink would probably log the cylinder misfires just fine.
I tested it last night, and it does.

Problem is, its not 2 cylinders misfiring, I fall in to the category of 'more'. Yup, all of them are pretty bad.
Here's the log of 1 minute, 50 seconds of running (engine warm idle).

No wonder I'm having p0300 codes.

I just unplugged the J&S knock sensor, as it is attached to the pcm ignition wires (Shouldn't be active, but its worth ruling out).
I pulled the cylinder 6 spark plug (app3923) and it looks really lean. Whats with that? Anyway, I just installed a copper plug so lets see what the misfire count looks like.

Here's what it looks like with the J&S unit unplugged and engine warm with plug 6 replaced. The log is 2 minutes, so very close to the same time.

No real change.
It's interesting that cylinders 2 and 6 are right across from each other, and are the biggest offenders.
I guess we can rule out plugs and the J&S unit.
I'm going to try lowering stoich in the tune to add more fuel.

Here's a pic of plug 6 that came out. It's going back in.

Plug 6.jpg

Anything worked on the engine, or programming changes just prior, to the code being thrown?

Nope. I think I was always borderline p0300 throwing, and I was updating my tune every couple of days.

I haven't logged the misfires today after the change in stoich to 14.5, but my wife asked instantly when we were driving this afternoon what I did because the truck is running so much smoother.
I'm really hoping all I needed to do was richer things up a hair.

On a quick side note, but very, very important. I did an oil change today.
5 liters came out. Excellent! I'm not burning oil!!
Here's what the filter looked like. The fur you see is metal bits caught on the magnet. There was no copper to be found. Next oil change I doubt there will be anything in the oil. I'm glad my wife didn't catch me cleaning the filter in the sink. It cleaned up really well with hot water and dish soap.

I'm hoping I can log misfires tomorrow. Its a long weekend, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time.



I'm glad my wife didn't catch me cleaning the filter in the sink. It cleaned up really well with hot water and dish soap.

Totally agree with that.

BossLady came home one time sooner that expected to our house.

She found a set of valve covers and an intake manifold in the dishwasher because I was going to powder coat the parts.

Boy that didn't go well.....

A super man cave needs a spare fridge, washer and drier, dishwasher, a big wash basin, and a normal sink and bathroom.

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I'm in the burbs and don't have any of that stuff. I'm still just happy with a garage that is insulated and heated. It's still far from deluxe to work on vehicles, but at least I can make due.
i'd love that stuff you mentioned. Most of us here would.

My engine builder has all that stuff along with all kinds of other cool stuff. Although, I'm still waiting for him to announce he's getting divorced. Wives typically don't like it when they never see you and you never have time to be part of the family. Or, maybe they love it? What do I know??