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My New, New 347

I'm abandoning my old thread (My new 347), as the motor has been an epic fail for many reasons.
Against any sane reason, I'm trying again.

Post #1 is a thread with all parts for my own records. I'll keep adding to this as I have the time and know what parts are being used.

New (Used) unmolested factory block from Vroomzoomboom. Thanks Tim!
Eagle Forged 4340 Steel Crankshafts 430234705400 w ESP Armor coat option
Bullet Pistons BF6010-030 - 2618 Forged Flat top w TFS valve reliefs made for power adder applications
Rods -I beam Forged (From Old Motor)
King Pro Series Bearings
Michigan 77 SH1321 Cam Bearings
MEL10688 HV Oil Pump - Block and pump machined to fit under the stock oil pan
FEL-1133SD MLS head Gaskets
PAC-1207X LS Springs (Yes Tim, there is something Cheby going in to my Ford motor)
Comp Ultra gold 1.6 rockers (old build)
HRC911968 Howards link bar lifters
Comp Cam 35-775-8 proposed, may change after head flow number change 35-775-8 - XFI™ Stroker Hydraulic Roller Camshafts, Computer controlled (E.F.I.) with O.E. hydraulic roller cams 1985-95
rollmaster timing set (Hopefully re-usable from old build)
TW170 heads (old build) that will be ported and the chambers softened for boost
push rods: 5/16" with a length of 6.7" (old build)
ARP Head Studs (old build)
Torque converter CircleD SKU:30-09-19 11" 2800 stall triple disk lockup FORD 11" HP Series 4R70 Torque Converter
Trick Flow Track Heat intake (old build)
Cometic C5652-060 intake manifold gasket
ARP Oil Pump Driveshaft Kit 1 54-7904 (old build)
ARP Flexplate Bolt Kit 100-2901 (old build)
PCV Valve EV127A
header gasket remflex 3003

28oz Damper (Americas Largest supplier of harmonic balancers)-re-balanced by machinist to 0
28oz flex Plate 1830201 - Small Block Ford 289-351W 1963-1982, 28 oz Ext-bal, 164 Teeth -re-balanced by machinist to 0

Injector Clinic 650H 62lb injectors
Return style fuel pump canister installed in fuel tank (1998 Explorer)
Another 6an braided line added as a fuel return line
Aeromotive Stealth Electric Fuel Pump 11542 340lph
Aeromotive 13130 fuel regulator
Trick Flow TFS-5158000R fuel rails


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Dang, that stinks. :(

To do one thing, Ya have to do ten others it seems. That's why I have two rigs, and kept one close to stock...well pretty close. lol

Hang in there, it might take a couple of years to get it where your happy.

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Hope you get, or got that header leak fixed without too much lost sleep.
These trucks can really try your patience sometimes.

Try your patience sometimes?
Look what happened over frustration:


The good news is that the mighty exploder is way faster than the mustang. I still really enjoy driving the truck, but its turned out to be a fantastic summer for a convertible.

Yes, the explorer is working great now. Boost comes on fast and hard. I really enjoy driving it also. I feel pretty spoiled, but we will see how I feel in the winter when the truck is broken and the car is in storage.


Very good, enjoy the convertible while it's nice.

Don't go test drive a newer Mustang though. My friend just traded in his Dodge 10 cylinder truck(version with Viper engine and automatic), for a 2017 Mustang GT. I think the new technology has finally worked out, the new 5.0 is very fast.

Yes, my little 2004 GT is a bit of a red headed step child. Not very fast.
But, its sure nice to cruise around in.

Iv'e been looking at options for picking up the pace on old 2v mod motor. It looks like Kenne Bell is the clear winnier, as it's pretty factory looking and you get that instant torque. I have looked at another company that makes a great lower intake that allows mounting almost any supercharger to, but you need to change the hood. Buying a new hood with a higher bulge and painting it does not excite me at all cost wise. Also, after modifying the crap out of what is supposed to be a daily driver, I would much rather bolt something on and hit the gas this time. 400hp to the wheels on 91 octane would be plenty fast for my little convertible.

I just hope the explorer holds up for a year or two more. Everything is new and the best stuff went in to it, but we all still know that the sum of the modified parts typically mean your going to have issues.

Yeah, reliability is a big concern. You and Tim have led the way in testing many things, and I appreciate it.

I've tried to temper my goals for power against potential, thinking of weak links. For the same money in a boosted engine combo, you could make 750hp, or 500, by adjusting boost and rpm range etc. If I can build an exhaust big enough, I'll be happy to hit 500. Then I'll wonder about CV axles, front drive shaft, and rear axle wrap up etc. I think the automatic 4WD transfer case may be an issue of traction I'd rather not have to play with(manual switch to engage 4WD as needed etc). I might try the AWD TC and see if it can survive.

Have fun with that car, I'd also do less things to alter it much, to keep it nice and driveable.

Very nice addition to the family! Congratulations on that new car!
Did you get the header leak fixed on the Explorer?
Is everything else on the Explorer good now?

header leak is fixed!
I still have a bit of a oil leak that I need to fix. I think it might be the transfer case seal. Since I fixed a couple of other leaks, I might be able to see where this one is coming from easily. It's not a bad leak, but does leave a few drops on the ground when I park. I haven't even looked closely at what kind of oil it is yet.

I still play with tuning, and haven't gotten the hot starts, or warm up idle stuff perfect. I doubt I ever will manage to make it like a factory vehicle that way. I'm finding lowering injector timing is really helping idle quality and exhaust smell.

While under the truck last time I saw a flex pipe is starting to come apart. It's not leaking yet, but I don't need the fiber's going thru the turbo, that's for sure. I'm going to order one of these and have the exhaust shop put it on.

While they are at it, I want to get the truck a bit quieter. The neighbors are making comments, lol.
I want to stick with straight thru muffler type stuff, so I think there is enough length for one of these in the pipe after the turbo:

I'm not absolutely certain how much it will help, but it should mellow things a bit more. Hopefully it will be enough to stop the neighbors from giving me the stinky eye when they see me.

The explorer really puts a smile on my face every time I drive it also. The gas peddle is a bit 'touchy'. lol. I was feeling pretty down and frustrated about the truck, and that motivated me to make the Mustang purchase while I was waiting for my header to get fixed. Yup, another impractical purchase. :(

It's been too hot here to be outside doing any real work, but I'll get on the leak and visit the exhaust shop in the next month to get the exhaust fixed up. After getting a better idea where the oil leak is coming from, I might have to hit Tim up for the trans jack so I don't hurt myself fighting with the transfer case (If that's the leak).

mid life crisis at its worst. just dont ls the dam thing. kinda wished i didnt sell the one i had. it was also a good thing it was a v6 or i would be walking by now. i think we should put it to the test to see which one is faster however. you can pick which one i drive. i'd come check it out but i am eyeballs deep in victims right now. spent all day outside today screwing with the one thats here, and might have another on the way possibly. its a good thing to because i need my mind occupied. that case is going to be a ***** to get off. i remember we used silicon for a gasket. if you need the jack, let me know. it sitting at gords right now and i keep forgetting to pick it up.

Thanks for the updates Dono, I would love to hear a before and after in regards to the resonator.
At my age I prefer to have a quieter vehicle and am looking for options to quiet down the Flowmaster Super 44's I ended up with. LOL
Hope that leak turns out to be an easy repair for you.

Tim, you get the mustang. Out of ego, only. Just so I could be in front. lol

The mustang is 100% mid life crisis. As health things are starting to happen to me, and friends start to pass away. The realization came that I'm not getting any younger and now was the time. If I waited till I actually had the money it would never happen.
In a few years I will probably have to sell it just because my hair will be way to grey and I will look way to old.

I'll get under the explorer today and see if I can get a sense of where the oil is leaking from.

Excuse me while I head out to the convertible and go to the gym. Mid life crisis? What mid life crisis??

The oil leak is engine oil.
Could be rear main (Which concern's me as it could mean thrust going out in the motor) or it could be a leaky valve cover gasket. I'm hoping for the valve cover gasket.

Other than that leak, its dry under there.

I might be adding some dye to the oil if I can find my dye kit with the UV light. Then I'd be able to quickly determine if the oil is running down the side of the block. I'll also pull the belt off and give the crank a good pull back and fourth to make sure I don't have that thrust going out again. If its the thrust, I have no idea what could be causing it any more.

oil leak.jpg

That picture says a lot to me.

I had the rear main, valve covers, and the lower intake leak on me. Only the rear main leak got into the trans bell housing.

I'm thinking positive here, and saying it is just the seal, and only because the seal didn't seat right on install. Still sucks, but ...nope, not even going to say it.

I like the Stang addition! Don't worry about looking old in a Vert either. As long as your enjoying it, that's all that matters.

Its engine oil, so I'm still sticking with either valve covers or rear main.
I'm really, really hoping its valve cover. I did just have those off. I'm sure I had them good and tight when I re-installed though.

I hope it's the VC's too. Any nick can become a little leak. If that's it, you can smear a thin layer of Ultra Black RTV on the gasket to be sure it seals.

Muffler Body.jpg

Muffler inside.jpg

I'ts the Vibrant 3" resonator that is total length just under 14". It will fit perfectly on my tail pipe once its cut back.

There is still a low rumble that is not really picked up by the phone.
Have a listen to the without/with resonator.

I'll get it welded in to the tail pipe next week.

I had my doubts that a little thing like that would make a difference, but it seems to take the spitting/chop out that (I think) the turbo blades make. A deep rumble is all that's left.
I had a few opinions on it as people came over, and the consensus is that it sounds way better and still really mean with the resonator on. Quality is top notch, its nice heavy gauge stainless.

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