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My New, New 347

I'm abandoning my old thread (My new 347), as the motor has been an epic fail for many reasons.
Against any sane reason, I'm trying again.

Post #1 is a thread with all parts for my own records. I'll keep adding to this as I have the time and know what parts are being used.

New (Used) unmolested factory block from Vroomzoomboom. Thanks Tim!
Eagle Forged 4340 Steel Crankshafts 430234705400 w ESP Armor coat option
Bullet Pistons BF6010-030 - 2618 Forged Flat top w TFS valve reliefs made for power adder applications
Rods -I beam Forged (From Old Motor)
King Pro Series Bearings
Michigan 77 SH1321 Cam Bearings
MEL10688 HV Oil Pump - Block and pump machined to fit under the stock oil pan
FEL-1133SD MLS head Gaskets
PAC-1207X LS Springs (Yes Tim, there is something Cheby going in to my Ford motor)
Comp Ultra gold 1.6 rockers (old build)
HRC911968 Howards link bar lifters
Comp Cam 35-775-8 proposed, may change after head flow number change 35-775-8 - XFI™ Stroker Hydraulic Roller Camshafts, Computer controlled (E.F.I.) with O.E. hydraulic roller cams 1985-95
rollmaster timing set (Hopefully re-usable from old build)
TW170 heads (old build) that will be ported and the chambers softened for boost
push rods: 5/16" with a length of 6.7" (old build)
ARP Head Studs (old build)
Torque converter CircleD SKU:30-09-19 11" 2800 stall triple disk lockup FORD 11" HP Series 4R70 Torque Converter
Trick Flow Track Heat intake (old build)
Cometic C5652-060 intake manifold gasket
ARP Oil Pump Driveshaft Kit 1 54-7904 (old build)
ARP Flexplate Bolt Kit 100-2901 (old build)
PCV Valve EV127A
header gasket remflex 3003

28oz Damper (Americas Largest supplier of harmonic balancers)-re-balanced by machinist to 0
28oz flex Plate 1830201 - Small Block Ford 289-351W 1963-1982, 28 oz Ext-bal, 164 Teeth -re-balanced by machinist to 0

Injector Clinic 650H 62lb injectors
Return style fuel pump canister installed in fuel tank (1998 Explorer)
Another 6an braided line added as a fuel return line
Aeromotive Stealth Electric Fuel Pump 11542 340lph
Aeromotive 13130 fuel regulator
Trick Flow TFS-5158000R fuel rails


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I hope you can make it Tim, but I know it doesn't look good. Something about having a steady income is most important.

I also don't want to loose sight of the main reason for the engine dyno, and that is to make sure the motor works before installing it. The hp/torque is really secondary (but fun).

I'd still be really happy with 450 on the engine dyno. Heck, end of the day 400 would be ok with me (but not that exciting), as long as the motor is in great shape. I always has issues with timing and couldn't throw much boost at the motor without detonation, so I will say if I still have detonation issues at low boost without much timing I will be disappointed,

This will all be very interesting to see what happens. I just need the motor to stay together. If the motor stays together in the truck, and it feels dyno worthy, I'll chassis dyno.

There's something simulating load, but no torque converter. I'll ask more questions on Thursday. That's a great question that I will get a better answer for.

When they do a standing dyno test at wot, do they bolt anything to the crank output to simulate a transmission, more so the torque converter?

I'm sure t will be a water brake Dyno. The most common type.

The Dyno – Sandale Fabrications

Dyno day today!
I'm pretty excited that Tim managed to get the time off to come along.
Apparently Sandale is a place that could be one of those crazy car fabrication shows on TV.
We both really want to see it, and experience the whole dyno thing.

Once the dyno is complete, the motor goes bock with Dimas to his shop so he can pull the valve covers and pan to inspect for any unusual debris/wear.
If all that goes well, I'll have the motor next week.

Hell Yea!!!!!!

yea, that place pumps out some pretty insane cars. my buddy that painted evil for me has been there a few times. he described it as the tv show american hotrod when it was on the air (Boyd Coddington garage, also yesterday marks the 11th year he has been gone for).
i've even done the body (with my buddy) to this car that came from them

1967 Pontiac GTO – Sandale Fabrications


Here's the numbers. Look at the monster torque this thing makes.
This is at 30 degree's timing. I think the issue has gone away where my old motor could use next to no timing before detonating. I think this was due to head chamber design, and dish pistons. Valves are un-shrouded as much as possible, and there is quench now with the flat top pistons.
Was running rich on the carb, so there's a ton of variables that will change once the motor is in my truck.
Motor went back with Dimas for inspection, and hopefully I can pick it up this weekend.
Crazy oil pressure at idle. Even hot. So far, this is a great success.

347 torque and hp.jpg

Cool Job!

You worked hard for it!

P.S. How many runs did they make?

A couple of break in runs, and I think 4-5 hard pulls varying the timing a bit to see where the sweet spot was. Tim has video he will be posting.

I'm really excited about all that torque. With a 2800 stall converter, I'll be at around 400 ft/lbs torque when the converter locks. Should be crazy fun.

Excellent, those are great numbers. Big fat torque curve, that'll work.

first, the pics

don looking a little nervous. he wasnt, but it looked like it lol


checking stuff out



strapped in, and ready to send it


70 psi at idle!!!!


ok, now the moment you all have been waiting on. V-I-D-E-O!

literally seconds after first starting it

and now we SEND IT!


i gotta say, ive never been to a motor dyno run ever before. that was neat. they blipted it once or twice when warming it up. i said to don "man, that thing sounds goooooood! i think the first pull they made with no adjustments it hit something like 475hp. i dont think don saw me when i looked over at him, but my eye were as big as frying pans! i will also add this. there is no way in hell if he and i lined up i would catch him! i even said to him after the finial pull they made, "well don, if we ever line up, i will let you know if you have a burnt out tail light!" lol. even dimas (the engine builder) got a chuckle out of it. i then asked him if he has a payment plan lol.
lastly i will say, don's motor is the most powerfull SBF the engine builder has dyno'd :D

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I'm hoping I don't start breaking a bunch of other stuff, but who knows?

I think I have a 4lb spring in the boost controller, so I'll back off of the controller and just run on spring. If I remember correctly, that's about 3lbs boost at the manifold (boost controller is at the back of the truck with the turbo).

If I want more later, I'll just crank on the boost controller knob a bit and adjust the tune slightly as required.