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My New Rock Sliders


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February 2, 2000
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1991 XLT
Well I just finished my rock sliders today, version 2.0 :D My old rock sliders have done a good job for the last 6 years or so and have taken many hard hits. I decided to make some new and improved sliders so I got to work designing them a few days ago.

The new design I came up with is 100% bolt on with no welding to the frame, no drilling the frame and no dropping the gas tank. These 3 things I wanted to avoid entirely. They are made from 2"x4"x3/16" for the main slider with 1.5"x.120" tube for the outer bars. The ends are angled 45* from the ground up to the body to allow rocks to slide under the rock sliders easier. The outer bars are angled up 10* and have 45* ends. They stick out approx 1" from the outermost part of the doors/body. The 'legs' to the frame are 2"x2"x.120". Gussets are made from 1.25"x.120" tube scraps I had.

To bolt them to the frame I fabricated 12 brackets that hook onto the frame and then the slider frame plates (3 per side) bolt to the brackets. Below is a pic of 11 of the brackets and hardware. The lower brackets do hang down 1" from the frame but I felt it was a trade-off that had to be made to reach my design goal. To combat the brackets hanging below the frame I ramped them to a 45* angle for rocks to pass over them easier.

I am really happy with how they turned out and they should be really solid. They are 1" higher than my old sliders were and they will protect the outer body much better. I did a test with the hi lift jack and there was very little deflection of the sliders in relation to the body. The real test will be in Moab a few days from now!


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A couple more pictures of the inside of the frame at the middle leg and the driver side slider. Notice the box tube turned sideways for the e-brake cable to pass through.


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Very nice.:thumbsup:

good job man

wow great job those look prefesinally done...almost like you took them out of a box.

when will i be recieving my set in the mail :D Great work man :thumbsup:

Beautiful :thumbsup:

Bender- :(

Well let's see, what do you think my next tool purchase will be. I already have rock sliders, and they look just like those, just without the tubing and I really, really like.

So, motivation is also complete and I will now Giter dun:D

Thanks for the compliments everyone :thumbsup:

I like! Similar to mine. :thumbsup: So I need a rear bumper, think you could build one up real quick and bring it to Moab? :p See you there!!

Sure let me just grab one off the shelf LOL. I saw your post about your sliders and liked them. These are also similar to RangerX's with the rectangular main slider tube and outer round tube. I also saw a few other rigs with similar sliders and also got part of the mount idea from a late model Land Cruiser. See you in a few days.

yeah, those are excelent. glad i didnt mount mine yet because that is an awesome idea. i was going to drill holes in the frame and bolt plates to it.. but the clamp-type idea is excelent.

they look great. awesome work!

so how excellently do these hold up? the mounts ever catch enything ( i know they are angled, but they still hang down a little, so thats why i ask). and is there anything you would do differently if you had to make them again?

I am guessing, from recently seeing Brians Explorer and the armor, that these sliders will hold up just fine. That sucker is a tank and the quality, fit and work is impressive.
Nice work again! those are badass. How much do they weigh??

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Wow that is nice im gettin ready to make some so i can start my cage and i think i am gonna have to steal ur mount idea