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My new roof rack with lights


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October 30, 2008
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99 Explorer sport
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let me know what you think, post some comments

Very clean, I like it. You fabbed it yourself?

Nice man Nice, I like the black diamond plate on the front, like the man said did you build it yourself? I am looking to do somthing similar one day.

looks good

Great size and looks good.

The only thing I would do diff is to get rid of the stock cross bars and replace them with 1" steel pipe with posts for legs bolted to the existing roof rails for strength. If not at least cut them u-bolts shorter and turn them around 180* so they don't protrude upwards.
Could also add a strip of rubber between the bars and U-bolts for grip. I used 2 sets of clamps on both sides of a bar because with a lot of weight up there, it can slide side to side on hard turns or off camber jarring situations. You could also add a 3rd cross bar for additional strength.

Keep the mods coming! :)

looks good, id add more lights though

Yup, built it myself. And also, since these pics, all the u blots are facing downwards and trimmed off. You can see it in the last couple pictures. Also put a small piece of rubber in between the rack and factory roof rack rails.
The thing doesnt budge, I've tried yaking it back and forth totally rocking the truck and the rack doesnt move at all.
I'm planning on putting some new lights up there as well, some rear facing fog lights and who knows what else.