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My New To Me 2002 Eddie Bauer Progress Thread


May 16, 2014
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Baltimore, MD
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2002 Ford Explorer
Hey everybody, picked up an 02 Eddie Bauer Explorer 4.0 V6 SOHC daily driver last week. I introduced myself in another section but felt like I should start my own thread and update it as I move forward. I don't have HUGE plans for this truck, as I sold my pride and joy toy to purchase this & to go towards my house fund. However, modding vehicles is in my blood so I do have a few plans for this thing. (Stereo system, custom heads/tails and led conversion, etc)

First thing I did was fully detail the vehicle inside and out. Wax strip, clay, paint correction, sealant and wax. Also dipped the wheels and emblems and will dip the tan/champagne exterior trim at some point soon too.

Next thing I'm doing is going to be swapping out all the fluids/filters so that everything is mechanically sound. Ordered a bunch of goodies and they should be here and installed within the next few weeks.

Here are a few before and after pics from this past weekend. I'll update this thread as I go along.

*Mods, if I posted this in the wrong spot...feel free to move it. Thanks**












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looks great..i love that color combo

i'd say tint the front windows and then the corners, and just drive it

what do you mean by the corners?

What type of paint did you use on the badging and tires and door frames

Looks great... Keep the pictures coming...

Nice truck man reminds me of my 03 I just sold!

bigchanco, i used plastidip and glossifier for the wheels and emblems and pillars.

thanks for the kind words guys.

stock tails were cracked and full of water so i swapped them out for some updated ones. this weekend will be installing an S&B cold air intake. the harmonic balancer/tranny upgrades will take place next weekend. afterwards, another project begins...a nexus 7 tablet install with some extras (parrot bluetooth and JL audio sound system...subs/amp/components/etc)

after work today, going to get the front 2 windows tinted. that really bugs me.


WOW man, looks amazing. Great work.

alright i know you all are on the edge of your seat waiting for my updates...

this past weekend i did the following.

replaced harmonic balancer and serp belt with the updated pulley and gator back belt. no more squeaks. so rewarding.

installed secondary transmission cooler and secondary transmission filter. ran all the lines and buttoned them up securely. didn't have time to weld in the bung for the ATF temp gauge...will do that in a few weeks and find a nice mounting location inside the steering column area.

replaced transmission fluid (9 qts total) using the tranny line on the secondary cooler. this will make things real easy for future changes. decided to do this method instead of dropping the pan because the bolts on there were less than desirable. got 4 of them off and the 5th one was frozen in place so decided to not go any further. if it ain't broke, don't break it.

replaced the side mirror puddle lights with 5k led's and replaced the rear turn signal/reverse lights with 60smd led bulbs as well.

next weekend will be getting into the nexus tablet and sound system install.












alright everybody, i know you've probably lost some sleep wondering when i would post my next update...but don't worry, here it is!

spent the weekend dynamat'n all 4 doors and replacing the speakers with JL components. also wrapped the wood paneling in carbon fiber. will be adding some CCF and MLV on top of the dynamat and will be starting to lay down more in the rear of the truck and floor/ceiling with CCF/MLV on top. after that, will start to focus on finishing the system with a JL 12w6 sup, 500/1 amp, and 360/4 amp for the components. excited for the nexus tablet interface install as well.





these metra speaker adapters made the install a breeze




How did you do the emblems? I've been thinking of doing the same to mine, but didn't see an easy way to do it.

How is the dynamatt in the doors do for the sound and road noise?