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My new toy - hydro tube bender


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February 2, 2000
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Albuquerque, NM
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1991 XLT
Well tonight I finally got the thing working right so now to post some pictures:





Here are some specs:
Pro-Tools 105HD bender
1.5" square tube frame
120v AC hydro power pack
3"x24" stroke double acting hydro ram from Hydraulic Surplus Center
1.25" die and 1.75" die both 240 deg.
degree ring is on order
it will bend approx 115 deg before repinning the die
~25 sec extension and ~25 sec retraction (unloaded)

A few reasons I went hydro:
Speeds up production time and is much easier to bend tube than manual
I had no room to hardmount it anywhere, being able to roll it around fits my needs much better
The bender will be used in a few different locations so having it portable is nice
I got the hydro parts fairly cheaply, I had a connection at a local hydro shop

I have lots of projects lined up for it, just need time to do them.

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Looks like it should be sitting in the basement of a South American Jail, with a hooded goon standing next to it :)

Seriously that looks sweet!

I ENVY YOU! :eek:

Sweet Brian! Just Sweet!

That is cool. Too bad it probably cost more than my entire rig...

Yeah, how much did that thing cost?

You getting around to making yourself some new rock sliders yet? :D

Tool Envy....I'm feeling it...

i think i want one

Have fun bendin