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My new toy


Elite Dakota
February 25, 2001
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Colorado Springs, CO
just wanted to post a pic of my new toy I got last Thursday. Its a 2003 Honda CRF 230F. Nothing to special but it is a fun bike to have.


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A motorcycle is in every man's dream. We just gotta have one sooner or later. I guess you got yours sooner rather than later. Have fun with it but use it safely. :)

I'm pretty happy with it. I took it camping this 4th of july weekend. I think I have been bitten by a new bug. A few weeks ago I got a 1974 Kawasaki KS125 for free and loved riding it. So I went and bought this bike wich was a spur of the moment type thing. 2 bikes in one month. I think I need to calm down for awhile. About the safety thing I told the guy I would buy it right now if he tossed in a free helmet took him a minute to say ok but I got my helmet:D