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My NEW (Used) 2002 Explorer XLS

Year:------ 2002
Make:------ Ford
Model:----- Explorer
Color:------Gold (Mineral Gray - Thanks trucku!)
Engine:---- V-6
State:------Puerto Rico (USA)

Just bought this one about a month ago and I'm very happy that I chose this one as my first SUV. Been driving a never say die 1993 Toyota Corolla for 11 years and thought it was time to make a change and the Explorer seemed like the way to go. Got it for less than 10K in excellent mint condition.

When bought the AirBag Sensor lit up as well as the Service Engine indicator, got it back to the dealership and they scan it just to find it needed the oxygen sensors replaced, which they did (no charge to me) and the AirBag sensor re-adjusted. No more indicators showing any kind of trouble.

Bought the extended 24 months/24,000 miles extended warranty just as a precaution and I'm very happy about it. It rides very smoothly and I get compliments on it from everyone I know both at the office as well as from the neighbors where I live.

Anyone else from Puerto Rico registered in here?

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Good luck with it


Good luck with it

Thanks Trucku, here are a couple of pictures of it:





Hey you stole my truck..LOL... My xls is the same color.

Don't they call that Mineral Grey? more like gold to me



nice x u got there peacemaker

Oye, mi boricua, you have planes to do mods? What you got? Dime, Don Omar o Daddy Yankee? Digo, Tego Calderon e Ivy... Old school (me) What you listen to out there mi socio?