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My project 91 Explorer

Project: Flexy

I traded my 1992 Mazda B2600i Mini truck on airbags for 2 explorers; a 1991 and a 1992 EB. the 1991 is a Daily driver with 31's and the 1992 EB is a 6" lifted explorer with no trans that i have not taken delivery of.

Here are a few of the 1991...




When i got this truck, the front passenger hub was blown, the front passenger brake was growling and dragging, the transfer case was engaging and disengaging at the wrong times, the motor ran rough, and it was filthy.

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since those pics were taken, i've put new wildcat 31 10.50 15s on it, taken the roof rack bars off, put manual front hubs on, put a Cobra CB in, and upgraded the stereo. when i investigated the front brakes i found that there were 1/8th inch pits in the rotor on the passenger side, there were no brake pads, and it was missing a clip for the brake caliper. i also replaced the rotors, brakes, plugs and wires, changed the oil, and fixed the exhaust leak in the downpipe.

...sounds like you are going to have your hands full...:D

got big plans too! i wanna outdo the local jeep club at crawling, meaning HPD44/9" full width axles, 4.56 or higher gears with 37's (possible beadlocks). i'm aiming for 8"-10" lift leaf sprung.

so today after work i decided to out do my buddies cj and out flex him before i left work... he was parked up on a snowhill that had been there for a week or two... i almost went from this :exp: to :roll: in seconds...




these rigs have crazy flex... if i take out the rear sway bar, how much better would it do? its only good for a few inches, right?

its been a while... so i've got pics...

Stump crawling



Original front end


Facelift pt. 1




So I'm Finally starting the build up...

I haven't had very many replies so I thought I'd do more posting and less picture whoring...

So today I went out and took the rear emblems off my truck along with all the side molding, got rid of the valance on the bottom of the front bumper and decided to draw up a rack for my roof for my spare, shovel, axe, hi-lift and lights.

pics will be up soon...

btw, any advice for the sticky stuff from the molding? How do you get it off without takin too long?

as for an update...

i had a dana 30 from an xj, traded it for a dana 44/9" combo, and i'm trading those axles for a 5.5" superlift lift kit with extended arms and confer shackles.

since those pics i've taken the molding off the sides, and bed lined it from the bodyline down.


my lift comes this weekend.

i'm gonna take my radius arms that are on my truck and rebuild them. make them a foot longer, and angle them a bit, then put heim joints on them as well. these arms will soon outflex my coils...

Im very interested in your radius arm mod. Post up some pics and ideas if you can. I thought about doing a pair like that. Nice truck so far, looks good.

your truck looks great in that last pic, can't wait to see it with the lift.

If your lift kit has extended radius arms why the need for extending the stock arms?

I'm all about seeing the guys keep the TTB even though I've owned a solid axled rig in the past. There's something to be said about wheeling our trucks in stock running gear. Before you get too carried away, look up R.J.s "front end work" thread and also read every post (I think it's only like 23) from "Spotter Guy" I've learned more about the TTB in 5 minutes from spotter guy than years of thinking about it on my own. Your axle shaft will rub the bottom of your passenger side beam if you don't trim that and I still run a limit strap because of axle plunge on the center slip yoke.

Also make sure you got a drop pitman arm with your used lift kit, if not you'll definitely need one.

and for the body moulding adhesive, try some acetone and plenty of elbow grease.

so i ended up trading both axles for

superlift 5.5 lift kit
extended superlift arms
full set of infinity speakers and tweeters
stock jbl sub/amp setup
3.73 gears for front and rear

so i decided i am gonna run the lift and find some extra ttb beams and bend them up 4", run the 4" drop brackets, and a 8" skyjacker coil, along with the extended arms that will be heim jointed.

the rear will be a soa with 63" chevy leaves

i got bored since i couldn't start my lift i decided to start smoothing out my spare dash, which turned out to be a later model of the 91-94 series.

i'm hittin it with 120 to knock the bumps down, gonna spray high build primer on it, sand it with 320, primer it, then finish it with a high grit (600-800). then primer again and do 2 coats of gloss black, 2 coats of clear.

crappy cell phone pics.

showin the low gloss after 120

dash thats almost fully sanded with 120

p.s. i suggest using gloves if your hand sanding or your fingers will lose fingerprints. but hey, on the good side, you could rob a bank easier?





i forgot about it about three months after owning, called the guy and found out he took it off to the scrap yard. oh well. i shoulda went n got it quicker

here is the lift i got. its a 5.5 superlift.


i also got my replacement tailgate hatch. its now fully shaven except for t handle lock cylinder and third brake light. also swapped some stock tails back in place, tinted ones may be up for grabs... more pics tomorrow

then i blew a u-joint out wheelin. started hoppin in the rear and it popped. i looked under and it busted a cap in 3 pieces and one piece is m.i.a.

bought this to replace it.




I'm so screwed up in the head... lol. i got a email from a guy today that wants to trade my subs for a dana 30. i've been lookin at them on several swaps, watched guys in my club wheel theirs, and read up on them... seems like a decent swap. thought about coil overs after lookin at jefes truck but then again i have a spare set of leaf springs in the garage that go to the rear of an ex.... what to do...

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by what i've read there is only minimal difference between the R&P on the two. i have seen more articulation out of a 30 sas than that of a 35, even with coil overs. yomies sas along with chiefs and desert rats look like they have wheel as much or more than i would and held up fine. i'm offroad about once a month or maybe twice with my club so it wouldn't see the dirt often. that i'm a lightfoot wheeler, if i can't make it by low rpm crawling or possibly mid rpm gunnin it, i back out and find a new route.

all that being said, i'm basically lookin for street queen with a dirty side, in simpler terms, lol.