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My project 91 Explorer

Project: Flexy

I traded my 1992 Mazda B2600i Mini truck on airbags for 2 explorers; a 1991 and a 1992 EB. the 1991 is a Daily driver with 31's and the 1992 EB is a 6" lifted explorer with no trans that i have not taken delivery of.

Here are a few of the 1991...




When i got this truck, the front passenger hub was blown, the front passenger brake was growling and dragging, the transfer case was engaging and disengaging at the wrong times, the motor ran rough, and it was filthy.

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the truck looks good man! sorry for robbing the thread lol...its coming along nice, hurry up n lift that sucka we can do a rubicon trip

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Yeah try to keep it in your own thread. Otherwise its just a big mess.

we gotta hit the dunes first... then we may hit up jeepers jamboree 2010. its the one that everything is taken care of including food spotters trail guides and mechanics... all you do is wheel...

thoughts on the new paint scheme on the wheels?

ok well i'll get some replies this way...


i got the backend done today. it took about 4 hours because the bolts through the leaves and shackles wouldn't come out. had to torch it and then replace the bushings (what a *****) then i had issues with my parking brake line, said screw it and this is how i left it...


Question is, How do i lengthen the Drivers side parking brake line without the extender kit?

Lift is done now. the front install went more painless than the rear did. the rear i had problems with bolts and bushings. the front was painless except for the rivets (which my buddy dr. grinder took care of). overall this lift isn't hard. then we aligned it and i've been drivin it. gonna get my 33's and alignment done today.

finished pics.




question... my coils are angled from the bucket to the beams.

they look like


except not as bad... what causes this?

i think i figured it out. where the end of the coil spring is (the end of the wire) we accidentally got it under the bucket. i think thats whats curvin it soooo bad. we are gonna try to fix it asap. i got a 130 mile trip tomorrow and back thursday, alignment on monday. we'll get this fixed friday or somthin.

finished pics with 33s now




that looks really high to me.
i just installed a six inch lift on my car, and yours looks way higher.
but i definatley like the way it looks
good job

its definetly taller than i expected... the door jam is a lil above my knees. i love it though. this is my first lifted truck and it just makes you feel like a king or somthin lookin down on everyone.

oh and for paint, i am thinkin of just gloss black where my dark blue is and redoing the silver to white or just leaving it silver. i like the two tone too.

i got my flares off of the X sport installed n painted. then i got my hatch fully shaved n painted, got it on too.








shaven hatch (third brake light, wiper 'n' washer, emblems, trim, key hole)


cb antenna bracket


{ insert Britney Spears "oops i did it again"}

Dana 30s - HP30 (4.10s , newer XJ) LP30 (Broken teeth on ring, Wrangler)


Your just going to put the front dana 30 in right? Your 8.8 rear is already alot stronger than a dana 30.... the R&P is way bigger and the axle shafts are 31 spline and beefier. I would stick with the 8.8 rear if I was you...

i'm going to. its 2 front axles. the lp had the shafts brakes and knuckles. the high pin was just a housing with 4.10 gears. i had to swap everything over to the hp and i'm gonna dump the lp at the metal scrapyard.

well i'm slowly building the truck more and more...





layin out the bumper pieces to be cut with a plasma (thanks rock)



new engine