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My Rear Barkes have entered permanent retirement


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April 24, 2001
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'91 XLT
When I was recently installing my new stainless brake lines, I decided to bleed the rears as well. I loosened the bleeder and nothing came out (yes I had someone stepping on the brakes). My 91 has the rear antilocks so I don't really know much about the system. The master cylinder has pressure but the wheel cylinder doesn't. Please help. With the wet weather coming I would really like to have good brakes, and all 4 brakes!
Thank you, Kyle.


No fluid on either side?

You have to bleed the RABS valve first before you bleed the rear. It should be located on the drivers frame rail, follow the brake line. Air gets trapped in it, it has a bleeder valve on it.

The master cylinder could be at fault too.

The distribution block or lines on the rear axle could be clogged.

I would flush the entire system.
Check the lines all the way up the truck and make sure they are not pinched or broken.
Check that fluid is coming out the master cylinder from where the rear line goes in when the pedal is pressed.

Were you ever able to find the problem with the lack of brake fluid at the rear?

I have the same problem now.

Thank you, Doug