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my sliders and rear bumper


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August 15, 2009
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86 BII
its on a bII but I need to get out of the bII section and meet some new people on this site, I did the sliders by cutting up to the upper body line on the lower part of the body if that makes any sense, here are some pics.



I welded the 2x4" square to the body and then ran 4 supports made of 1 3/4" tube to the frame, it eliminated my body mounts but oh well, I gained 4" of ground clearance from before and 6" if I had put the slider under the existing sheetmetal, here is a pic of the finished product

wheeled it like that for a couple months and the rear quarters and the stock rear bumper were taking a beating, and I had a few sticks of 1.5" hrew laying around so I decided to build a bumper, as I was cutting it out I decided I needed mod my tailights, so I cut the tail light off flush with the mounting surface, and welded a patch in to accept some trailer tail lights, then bent up my bumper. it mounts with 4 1/2"bolts to the stock holes, the hooks are welded to the frame and have the mounting bolts running through them. here are pics.





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Great work man.

I really like the rear bumper and think it would look good on my Sport Trac. Bookmarking.

good fab I was wondering why ford just didn't run the frame a few inches longer so that
tow eyes could be added as an option chrome is good but a truck is a truck

he ha