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My Sport Trac on 24's


June 11, 2009
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Tampa FL
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08 Explorer SportTrac XLT
I had some 20's on it and they just looked so small and i wasnt happy with that look so i went up to 24's. They're 24x9.5 rims with 255/30/24 tires.




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Not my style but they look good on it, nice looking ST!


I dont know if you are looking for comments as to how we think it looks so i will be gentle. I would suggest lowering a few inches or getting tires with a higher profile.

Must not be a 4x4 model.
Looks ok if you like those types of rims.

I think dropping it maybe 2" would really make it look good. I'm better with building up instead of dropping down but for some reason I like what you've got a lot. :thumbsup:

Ya I really think you need to find a lowering kit. When I look at it something just doesnt seem right.

I love the Ironman grill and the black accents on the side--they go great with an XLT. If I didn't have a dark stone metallic Trac, I'd have that grill on mine too. Sweet.

Ditch the rubber bands in favor for some 55 series tires and it will look and ride 300 times better...


Your best option, IMO. Higher profile tire exchange possible? WAY too much gap.

I would like to lower it and maybe go up a little in the tires. I was worried about going with the low profile tires and losing the smooth ride but i took the plunge anyway and to my surprise there wasnt much difference in ride quality. I can feel the hardness of the tire but its very minimal. Plus i really only drive it on the weekends. Its not 4x4 and as far as going big and up, thats what my jeeps for.

Here it is with the 20's. It still has that gap