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my Sport Trac on 33's

I order it and got it just before Christmas.

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well i went offroading this weekend
and i went through this mud pit 3 times before this happened
while i was out on the trails a truck with 44" boggers tore up this hole and made it a huge one and i didnt know
so on the way back this happens....
sittin on frame, all 4 spinning freely
but he pulled me out and all was good :thumbsup:

Do you wheel with your windows down? I forgot my window was down and got my interior a lil wet when I went through a large puddle. Our trucks kind of have a tendency to throw water and mud right onto the windshield.

no they were down so i could climb in and out of the windows because the doors were at the water level

I order it and got it just before Christmas.
Ok, sweet.

Sorry about stealing your thread mbautodesign, I didn't mean to. I like your truck a lot, and it's a good thing I have another vehicle for going off-road, or I'd be making my ST look like yours :salute: .


this is my daily driver
i dont offroad it much but when i do it gets mighty dirty
first time i got stuck :)
im going to get a wrangler to offroad and tow it with the sport trac eventually

the picture is from around louisville, ky in southern IN
private property of a friend

Is that back around Flower Gap, or up off Paoli Pike maybe? It's been YEARS since I've been mudding- I don't know where the places are anymore.