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My sub box


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August 25, 2010
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Omaha, NE
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2004 XLT - 1993 XLT
i didnt think my box from my 93 would fit behind the third row in my 04, but i tried it out.

sorry about quality, took them with my ipod





then, i tested it out to make sure there was enough room for the subs, and it was good

the back of the box is angled EXACTLY like the seat, it looks like the box was made for this car.

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Well, that settles it.

NOT buying an IPod!

Well, that settles it.

NOT buying an IPod!

Or one of those thumping, noisy, molding rattling sub woofers! His neighbors must love him.

The camera is defiantly not the reason to have an iPod.


Or one of those thumping, noisy, molding rattling sub woofers! His neighbors must love him.

I don't understand why you even looked at this thread

is there enough room for the sub reflex?

nice. are those 10's? and how do they sound. i tested our 2 12's back there (two separate shallow mount boxes) and they sounded like garbage. my setup is 1 8" polk in a box that fills up the entire are behind the third row. it sounds awesome especially with rock music




Yeah, there's is enough room for the reflex, I tested it, and it sounded great.

They are 12s. I will probably get two new kenwood 12s pretty soon

Those are both really tight in there. I was thinking of doing the same until, I heard of the rear glass shattering on its own, never mind with my kicker solo baric. Also kazar is that a seat mounted shoulder and lap belt in the second row? MY 02 MOUNTY came with just a lap belt in the middle.

Is the problem witht he glass shattering with all years this gen? I thought it was only 02.

Thank you. And yessir it is. My interior is out of a 2004 mountineer. And for the rear glass, I had two kicker comp cvr12s powered by my bridged sundown audio sae 1000d, one full year with that setup and never shattered the rear glass. Didn't even crack my rear exterior panel that is supposedly infamous for cracking

Found a pic of when I tried 12s behind the third row, had to ratchet strap them to the third row.

Heres a pic of my old kickers

I have the shoulder belt in my 04 explorer too.