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my system/plans feedback?


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October 18, 2001
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Red Wing, MN
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1996 xlt
here are the basics of the current plan/what i'll be running

background stuff-

dual alt/circuit set-up with stock/iraggi alts
1 duralast starter battery
6 svr 80-12 deep cycle batteries
mobile spec pro ice wiring

signal stuff-

apple mini mac w. 500 gig hd
apple 80 gig ipod
Clarion dvc920
Clarion dvh940 5.1 processor
Audiocontrol 6XS
Audiocontrol 2xs


3 mtx 942s with 3 mtx 9500 15s (existing sub box is staying)
mtx 1004 powering my front component set (4 e.d. eu-700 mids and two sets of i.d. cd-2 pro horn tweeters- one set is behind wall for show purposes)
mtx 1004 powering a 10" mtx 7500/8500? series 10" up front and 4 rear firing (behind the wall with the second set of horns) eu-700s
mtx 564 powering my center channel and surround speakers


17" widescreen in-dash (only change here is the rest of the dash will be shaved completely)
6.4" in place of rearview mirror
23" in rear (behind the liftgate glass)
two 9.2" widescreens (like the ones in my audi) in rear behind the "tailgate" portion of what used to be the liftgate
clarion 755 dvd player
mini mac


can't really say everything i'm doing here just yet (i honestly don't know)
but i'm definitely-

keeping existing sub box
running the new "surround" i made for my 23" in the rear (mounts the screen so that with the glass up it looks liek the body of the car runs right up to the edge of it
running the new center console i had to build in order to fit my navigator buckets
running some version of my current "chilled" amp rack- and one that will include a motorized piece which will slide out the suicided rear passenger side door and expose a small (12 can or so) refridgerator associated with the amp cooling

I will post more pictures as things happen- and they will likely help to make some of those things more easily understood. I'm really open ot ideas from others at this point as well- what do you think i should run? etc...

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briefly also doing a new system in my cousin's mountaineer-

clarion dxz945mp
modded xbox
clarion dvh940 5.1 processor
custom center channel (home made) using clarion srk5 amplifier
mtx thunder 6.5s up frontn (two sets)
another set of those for the rear surrounds
two 9500 15s powered by two 1501ds

He already has an 8" widescreen in-dash, and a flip down or two are in the future plans.

His sub box is partially completed (and you'll have to wait for pictures to know exactly how it will be- too confusing to try to explain with words. It will fill the entire rear of his truck, with the amps up in the windows, and will have a ton of fiberglass tricks)

he will also be running a couple of svr's, mobile spec wiring, and a mr. alt 200 amp.

lastly- and least

my A6 Avant-

modded xbox
clarion dvc920
clarion dvh940

home made center channel with clarion srk5 amp (this is new)
jbl power series components front and rear
jbl gto 10s in 'glass spare tire enclosure
jbl 755.6 6 channel amplifier

and the new stuff- 9.2" flip-down and a 9.2" static mount in-dash. This is a HUGE screen to try to fit with no real modification to the car, and i promise to post some pictures as i make it work (i've got it in place now- just need to finish remaking the bezel)

for those who are keeping track- this still leaves the escape (it's not changing), the huge f150 and the black 2004 mustang, as continuing projects i'm not updating on this thread. I will post on the f150 and the mustang as soon as i get a chance to continue work on them. i expect both to be at least as custom as the escape or my cousin's truck by next show season.

again- what would you change? what do you want to see? what do you just want to see pictures of?



I would like to see some 2001 Ford Explorer Sport kick panels custom made from fiberglass. :)


i'll be able to do them if you still want early next month

we set up a place to work indoors all winter in the basement of our sporting goods store

right now, i'm finally getting a little more free time (full-time work is stabilizing a bit now that i'm not brand new), but i'm way too busy just trying to get my explorer "ok" to go to it's storage unit before the 1st of next month to consider anything else.

I would have to have them at my house by the 27th of November.

my dates for things could easily be pushed back, so no guarantees etc.- it may be possible.

I really hope you can find some place else to get decent ones for a fair price and my being so busy doesn't end up really affecting your system.

i've now hijacked my own thread... darn it

Ha ha ha....I would like to see that explorer updated with some new pics of the inside and some more work to the exterior. Thread Un-Hi-jacked. Not even a word.

lol- i think the hijack is ok

no one is actually going to read through all of that...

So are you gonna put some new pics up or what?

sooner or later yeah-

i got the piece that slides in and out built, and i'm working on where all the amps will go little by little

it's tough working 60 hrs a week elsewhere and now with the days so short

first post on my new computer!

anyways, after much screwing around here are some pictures of my current interior work


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and then just these for now- will likely update again after tomorrow. only got about 4 hrs of time to work toady/got all that done. had to do some ceiling fans for a friend who is moving.


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lookin good drew, keep up the work

I now see why he only shaved one door.

wait until tomorrow night- it will REALLY begin to make sense why i did the door set-up like that

thanks guys

as far as the digi cam goes- it's actually a very nice canon... it's just broken

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sorry about the no more explorer pics (i'll have them soon)

here are a few of the audi- had to get it done(ish) so my brother can drive it to CO for a while.


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