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my truck finally done (for now!!)


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January 21, 2006
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Long Island NY
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1997 xlt v8
ok so its been along time comin here!!!
when i got my truck it had a decent front end on it
but me bein the non mature 18 yr old that i was took it off road and beat the balls off of it well ive needed a front end (ball joints) for about 2 years lol
well it finally ripped apart my steering rack and everything else on my front end
well now that im 21 i thought id grow up a lil and stop beating on my baby
so i stayed late at the shop threw the truck on the lift and did the whole front end

ive done no trimming to fit these tires either

i used moog and a brand new steering rack from ford
and here it is with the rims that i bought from JOSHC and the new 32x11.50 bfg k0's







and here is my other toy 99 suburban 8"lift those were 37" bfg's now there worn as hell


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Looks great! I was expecting to see a beat up POS. Good work! I like lifted Suburbans too.

lookin good. how much lift do you have on there?

looks like you didnt beat it around enough when you were 18. :D

Is that an EE hood?

looks pretty slick

ghoster yea i fixed the gasket no more tick!!

the hood is from a company called up22( but i found out that it is an ee hood! ee gets it from them i called up and asked

just a 2"tt in the front and 3 in the back with shackles and aal

thanks to all who commented!
and burns im only done for prolly the next couple months lol
got to make some money back!!! lol

aeaglenfitch o i beat it around plenty its been stuck in about 4' of mud(massive mud lake!!! long story) 1 accident and a tranny so id say she held up pretty good!

next is window tint and exhaust by our own ghoster!!!