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my truck, then and now.

i haven't owned this truck very long. i bought it last october. it's my first 4 wheel drive vehicle, so i couldn't wait till the first snow to see how well it did. well, the snow came and i tried it out and loved what it did. after that, i took it on a muddy dirt road... again, very impressed. i started doing some reading and found that i could fit a 31" tire on the truck. i found a set of 31" tires and threw them on. they did great in the snow, but they were still a highway tread. i took the truck to a local trail with those tires on. it did really well, but i got stuck in just about every muddy spot. i found a set of worn out 31" m/t's and threw those on. HUGE difference. i hardly ever got stuck with those. the truck performed amazingly well and took all of the crap i threw at it. i was wheelin with several lifted jeeps and other trucks that were far more capable than mine, and hanging with them through most of the trails.

.... but i wanted more.

i went ahead and bought the 5.5" lift from superlift. it took me about 4 days to get it all done. the lift was done in a day and a half, but i spent one day looking for a pitman arm puller, one day trying to get the tires mounted, and today i actually got the tires mounted and got an alignment done.

here she is the day i got her.


the 31" highway tires.


here she is in all her 5.5" lift with 33" procomp goodness.


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...That looks sharp...:biggthump

...That color and those wheels are what's on my Ranger...I'm a fan of both...:D

...That looks sharp...:biggthump

...That color and those wheels are what's on my Ranger...I'm a fan of both...:D

thanks, man! i think the lift and the tires really woke up the factory deer hoof wheels. i was going to get the soft 8's, but i really like the look.

looks sharp :D

lol is your bumper frowning or smiling... i'd think smiling as its gettin pampered...