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My turbo price list/build Ranger 5.0


July 30, 2009
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Gainesville, FL
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98 Ranger 5.0
This is going to be a price list that I have come up with and will try to stick to that will document my upcoming turbo build on my 98 ranger 5.0. I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. Some prices I haven't checked up on so they are ballpark. This will also serve as a comparison when I add in the actual cost of the turbo vs. the power potential of a HCI combo using the same amount of money. You'll see below.
Currently the truck is a 98 extended cab with a GT40 306, custom cam, Explorer intake, GT40x heads, 3550 trans with Centerforce Stg II clutch.

Phase one: Items needing attention regardless:
X3 Programmer from Henson Performance 390
Torque Monster headers 725
Ypipe flanges x2 + ypipe tubing 125
Total: 1140

Required items turbo or na:
NA retune from Henson Performance (est) 150
Injectors used from forums 200
255 Walbro pump from Artsparts at 105
Total: 455

Boosted retune from Henson Performance (est) 300
Precision 61 65 .58 from 730
60mm Xo2 wastegate from 150
60mm Xo2 BOV from 80
3" vband connecting y pipe to midpipe from 25
T4 flange, gasket, and reducer used 20
Vbands for turbo 90
Oil feed kit 60
Oil return pump Reverso GP-301 200
Oil return lines 100
1 qt. return scavenge reservoir 80
Small intercooler 120
Filter 60
2.5" tbolt clamps x9 from 26
2.5" coldside tubing 120

Farted around with some NA pricing:
AFR 165's used 1200
Pushrods used 150
Custom cam Buddy Rawls 350
Ported lower intake by Tmoss 400
Gaskets 80
Total: 2180
NA will probably net me 350ish rw from what I've seen in the Stangs with a similar combo.

Here's what I've purchased:
T4 flange, gasket, and 2.5" T4 to 2.5" reducer 20
X3 programmer from Henson Performance with analog cable for LM1 O2 logging 410
Total: 430

Turbo setup should net 400 rwhp reliably on pump gas.
For 2161 I don't see getting that same power out of an NA setup while keeping a strong torque curve that this 4000lb truck needs and not having a high-revving setup.
Let the flaming begin:)

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Just got my Henson, this truck came alive! It's getting even better as I'm driving it as the computer is relearning everything. 2 thumbs to Henson Performance!

Looks like a fun project, wish I had the extra cash for something like that too!

NA will probably net me 350ish rw from what I've seen in the Stangs with a similar combo.

I think thats a bit optimistic even at 10:1 compression. With the 8.5:1 compressino you'll want to be turbo-friendly you MIGHT make 300rwhp.

Ah yes, the lowered compression. Anyone know what the stock piston's CC out to? What about the GT40X heads?