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My turbocharged 2000 5.0 AWD....

I just wanted to show off my DIY remote build. The truck is an AWD 2000 5.0 Explorer. - I like to think of it as an AWD SUV Mustang:) This truck actually was lifted with tube bumpers, safari rack, and 32" ATs on 20" wheels just a few months ago- it has undergone a big transformation here lately. It is now lowered slightly in the front with the rear at stock height(with sagging springs). I kept the same wheels but put smaller tires on them and added 2" spacers. Now onto the turbo...

The Turbo is a T04E 57trim which turned out to be perfect for remote mounting. It is a little small if one wanted 10psi+, but I planned on 6psi max and fast spool. I am using the stock exhaust with muffler delete to the turbo, then a 3" mandrel bent tailpipe. In the tailpipe is my AEM wideband o2 sensor. For charge pipe, I bought a 2" mandrel bent intercooler kit along with some 2" pipe from my local muffler shop. For couplers, I am using cut pieces of 2" ID radiator hose. It can be bought from Advance Auto pretty cheaply- I got one piece that was a large 90 for $13 and had some left over. I just cut it into the desired length with a bandsaw. The charge pipe goes to a 2" to 2.5" steel adapter, then into a 2.5" to 3" silicone coupler from AutoZone. This coupler feeds into my 3" BOV adapter then into the 3" mandrel bend aluminum pipe leading into the engine bay. I brought the 3" down pretty far to try and eliminate turbulence in the MAF.

I am using an STS oil pump to return the oil back to the oil filler neck. I got the pump from an STS dealer who upgraded a customers car to their high volume pump. I am using the nipple that originally had the vent hose to the intake for the oil return fitting- I am using a vented push in oil cap to make up for it. It was alot easier this way than tapping the oil cap like STS does.

I haven't had it tuned yet but it will break the tires loose from a rolling start in 1st gear(remember, I am AWD), and I have full boost almost immediately. I already have a 6psi spring for the wastegate that will go in when I put on the 30lb injectors and Cobra fuel pump.

Here are the pictures and it you have any questions just ask.


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It's the setup Justin put together a few yrs back... and yeah... I dunno, lol, WG and BOV all look good... couplers and piping all looks good... I can hear the turbo doing it's thing... AF and boost gauges all read perfect up until about 1 PSI and then it just won't go any higher :-/