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My XPista


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May 10, 2008
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Orlando, Florida
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'93 Mazda Navajo
So my project today was to get my XP to look exactly like Vista. I tried very hard to do some of the things such as make the explorer bar transparent but just could not find a program that did the entire bar. I found 2 programs one made just the border around the window transparent and another that did the entire window. I did get the task bar transparent though, but not the start menu.

I did also change the log on screen to vista as well but have not brought myself to do the boot screen.

everything is functional except for the search in the start menu.

So here is what it looks like now....


Sidebar Gadgets:
CPU/RAM monitor
HDD space monitor

Got the task switcher(alt+tab)....

and the thing that lets you view all the open windows at once....

Not yet done
I did not get IE7 because I don't use IE.
Still trying to figure out how to install the vista icon set to everything.
Boot screen still XP
Transparent explorer bar
Windows explorer address bar still xp