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Mysterious 5r55e noises, wont shift


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August 17, 2012
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Hi gents, I've got an uhappy 98' Explorer 4x4 4.0 with the 5r55e trans. I've searched thoroughly but haven't found my answers, so here it goes. The truck has 185xxx. It will make a rapid clanking noise when it is put into any gear. It sounds like a baseball card hitting the spokes on a bycle. It sounds like something is clanking as it rotates inside the trans. The truck will not engage in any gear or any setting on the t-case selector, but P will engage and the truck will act as if its in neutral when any other gear is activated. The trans was replaced today with a junkyard trans and torque converter that were both supposedly tested. The old t-case was reused. I didn't see any flashing lights on the dash, i.e. O/D light. Could this be a bad t-case? Another bad trans? I'm stumped and very much appreciate any help. Thanks

If 2 trans did the same thing, then it is probably the transfer case.