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Mystery Vibration


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June 5, 2009
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El Monte, California
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92 XLT 2wd 5 speed
Hello everyone. This is my first post though I have read many and really enjoy all the information. Thanks to everyone who make this forum so valuable.

So my issue is a vibration. I have narrowed it down to the front half as it happens without being in gear and stationary. (Manual Trans BTW) so it's not the driveshaft, wheels, transmission. At idle it's almost like a missing engine, but the tach shows no variations like the rpms are jumping or missing. When reving the engine, it gets a little smoother but is still there and you can hear a fast loud vibration. Almost like one of those hand massagers on high speed. I tried to look at the trans mount and motor mounts, but I dont really know what I am looking for, and they seem to be "complete". Should I do the mounts, or is it possible the vibration is caused more likely by mis-firing? (spark plugs, wires, coil pack) Looking for some other member's experiences to see which way to go on this. Thanks for your help.


i have a similar vibration. it occurs at about 600 rpm. doesn't increase. almost like it comes from the catalytic converters. have tried all the tune up fixes. haven't found the problem. just adding in

BrooklynBay: I haven't but I will. I was leaning more towards something not related to the actual motor running rough because it doesn't seem that the motor is running bad, but better to be sure.

phoenixgrey07: Thanks for the input. My vibration is definitely directly related to the rpms. But it doesn't get stronger, just faster. and it goes from shaking the ex to being more of a vibration, as mentioned ealier, like a massager.

Keep those ideas coming, I will check the vacuum and intake gasket in the mean time.