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Mystery Vibration


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June 27, 2010
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2002 Eddie Bauer
Hi, we have a 2000 2wd explorer with a vibration in the steering. It's been there since we bought it a couple months ago. I replaced the rotors and pads today but the vibration is still there. I did notice on one wheel that once I got everything back together and spun the wheel that there was a pulsating rubbing sound on the brake pad like the rotor was not spinning evenly, which doesn't make any sense since the breaks and rotors are new. The wheel bearings in the rotors kind of wigged me out since the maintance mannual said to tighten the bolt on the bearings to 17 inch pounds which seems kind of light but I followed the dirrections. Is it possible something isn't seated correctly or is that bolt to loose? I need to figure this out in the next 24 hours because my wife has to take it out of town. Thanks!!

Did you buy cheap rotors? Did you check your brake calipers for proper movement and clean the surfaces where the pads ride/pins? Are you using the factory shop manual? For the year quoted you have non serviceable wheel hubs up front. Is your new rotor mounted to a clean hub flange surface. Does your vehicle have 4WABS?

Hi, thanks for the reply. It's a 2000 2 wheel drive and the bearings are in the rotor so it's serviceable. I cleaned and greased everything including the pins on the caliber. I used high end grease for the wheel bearings that said it was for rotor bearings. The shaft was clean with only minor wear on the surfaces that contact the bearings. Part of what concerned me was the low torc of only 17 inch lbs for the nut at the end of the shaft. I'm using the Hayes manual I bought at advance auto parts. Thanks!