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Mystery wire


January 13, 2013
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Long Island, NY
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2002 Explorer XLT
alright guys, i am in the process of putting in my subs i just puchased, i just built my first sub box, which i will put up pics of later, but when i went to wire in the amp to my pioneer head unit i noticed an orange wire marked sub that ran somewhere into the right side of the car. this is odd to me because i do not have a factory or aftermaket sub curently in and the previous owner is the one who installed the head unit. if anyone would have an idea where this wire could posibly go it would be great before i started tearing my car apart

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Is there an amp powering the regular speakers? Perhaps it goes there. The last time (which has been about 10 years) I installed a new stereo in a vehicle the orange wire was a dimmer to get tied into the dimmer switch for your dash light.

Yes, orange wire is Dimmer/Illumination wire. Test your dash lights, if the radio dims with the dash lights, then its connected to this wire.

Every time i install a radio, I never connect this wire...who wants their radio to dim anyway??

Is the wire itself orange? is the wire that its connected to on the back of the radio orange also? If it connects to a blue (some are blue/white) then its going to the amp lead.

Most people would not run a new dimmer wire since there should be one in the harness.

If you follow it to the end it might take you to Narnia

mystery solved, it is the dimmer wire. didnt even know radio had a dimmer to be honest, thanks for the help guys