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Mystery Wire


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February 7, 2020
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1997 Ford Explorer XL 4WD
Ok, so I have this part that is on her back of my mind I and that I have let go because it wasn't a big deal. Now, I'm in the process of ordering things and I am trying to figure out why it's like that.
The part I am describing is in the cooling system and is right by the alternator and has a tube the leads to radiator. It also has two plug like attachments that are connected along a wire that is cut.
Do you know what part this is? I sure don't.

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How about a picture?

Up front


Those wires look like they were attached to the temp sensor that is in the thermostat housing, if you are talking about that orangeish colored plastic piece. The tube that leads to the radiator in the picture is the upper radiator hose.

Actually those wires should be connected to the intake air temp sensor that is in the intake tube directly in front of them. That is why you have the error code you do. Those wires are not hooked up.

Go to a dealership and and see if you can buy the pigtail and splice a new connector on for that sensor. That will get rid of your code.

Ok I will see what I can do. I watched a similar problem on YouTube with a Honda Odyssey by briansmoblie1. I'll post a update when I get to it.

So I am trying to remove the coolant sensor, and I can not remove it. Has anyone been here before and does anyone recommend any solutions trying solve this? I have the brown top of and I about rounded the bolt off. Pics below


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