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Name that noise.


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May 30, 1999
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2015 FPIU
Lately I have noticed some sssshhhhhhhh noise coming from the trans when I switch from Park to either Drive or Reverse. The noise dissaperes after a few seconds but it still makes me crazy. I changed fluid and filter about a 1000 miles ago and replaced fluid in transfer case about 3000 miles ago. Sounds like there is no lubrication at first when I switch from Park.
Any ideas?

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Andre Hryn
94 Limited
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I had checked fluids already. Trans was a little low. Service was done by me. I meen it's not that big of a deal except for twenty thousand bolts that you have to remove to get the pan off. I noticed this problem - noise only on cold engine. I'd rather get this thing solved now before I go on a cross country trip next month.


Andre Hryn
94 Limited
Andre's "baby"

Perform a careful hot check (engine and drive train at operating temperature) of the transmission fluid level as described in the owner's manual or in Haynes. The "boys" may not have filled your unit correctly.

I had the same problem. There is a TSB # 98-05-14 that talks about this concern. There is an updated separator plate for the main control valve body inside
the transmission. The repair was relatively inexpensive. It is covered under the bumper to bumper warranty though.