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name that noise


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October 5, 2003
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Lynnwood WA
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99 XL / 4x4 / 4.0 ohv
Ok I realize the difficulty in diagnosing a sound you can not hear, but here goes. Since purchasing my explorer in september, I have noticed this kinda whirring/clicking noise which seems to come from the motor area, but more underneath the truck. Over the last week or so it has gotten louder (slightly) and I want to find it. I left it running and climbed under. The sound is very steady and sounds as if it is coming from the general direction of the bell housing. I also discovered a second sound which bothered me. While layibng under there I would randomly here this clankety clank sound, Sounded kinda like a piece of metal bouncing around , and eventually coming to rest. This sound was completely random, and had no pattern or consistency. It appears to be centered in the transmission area.

It is a 99 with an auto tranny 76,000 miles
The fluid is full and very cherry red (look new)
I have been all over under there recently, and all visible bolts, and connections have been re-torqued to specs in haynes manual.

I have done several things to the truck since I got it, but this was pre-existing I think

I suppose I should note that occasionaly the tranny does not shift all the way into park (it has to roll about 6 inches) And also that occasionally there is a slight delay shifting into reverse (same in my g/f's auto tranny, This is my first auto and I loathe it)

You probably lost one of the balancing weights off the fly wheel.... and it is bouncing around at random.