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it looks like a relay for something, whats wrong with your x?

Mine has the same thing.

dont know if its related or not, but I am looking for solutions

My turn signals dont work.

My hazards work and I can test my multiswitch and it works fine, but my turn signals dont. I have replaced the circular "flasher" units and they still dont work.

What wires should I be interested in checking out? If my memory serves me correctly, the manual shows a light blue wire and a green wire with white stripe as the two wires for the turn signals. Is this correct?

I have a white wire with red stripe just hanging from the firewall bundle as well as a blue wire with yellow stripe (manual tranny switch-I have an auto so it isnt used).

I can ohm out the white wire/red stripe and get continuity at the flasher and at the stalk, but I dont know what it is supposed to connect to. Its coming IN from the firewall, not out.

Its a double-auxillary triple-throw solenoid valve

Kinnish said:
Its a double-auxillary triple-throw solenoid valve

What's that in english?

Sounds made-up to me.

According to the dealership its a low oil indicator relay.

Cost new is $65.00.. (damn)

Glad I dont need one.

Turn signal indicator problem fixed. Turns out i had a faulty blinker module that blew the fuse.

I had checked the fuses but evidently overlooked that one. Its all working well now.