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Nate's 1998 Explorer XLT

Just decided to do a registry for my latest Explorer. Its my 1998 Explorer XLT with the 4.0L OHV. One owner since 1999. Paint Job needs to be done along with other stuff but it was undercoated when it was new, just needs a little rust scraping because of surface rust. Needs new headlights, tail lights, rims, rear and front bumper. Interior needs a cleaning like a b*tch but thats for next spring. This is and another 2000-2001 Explorer is probably going to be my replacement for my 2005 P.O.S Explorer.


4.0L OHV V6
5R55E transmission
3.73 Open
Part time 4WD

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nice x

Thanks sam! :thumbsup:

I'm currently looking into 3 other explorers to replace my DD.
‎1: Blue 1998 Explorer V6. Transmission takes time to go into reverse, but runs. 137,000 miles. $2,000 obo
2: Grey 1998 Explorer V6. Check engine light, driver side lock switch does not work. 173,000. $2300 obo
3: White 1998 Explorer V8. Good condition, need center console, rear bumper, and lift gate. (door ajar sensor is on due to lift gate) Seems to have been in a small accident due to the dent and liftgate condition. 165K miles. $3000 obo

They all have a couple of issues but I have to look at all of em and they need to have a 3.73 axle ratio or they get 'X' off my list.

I do like! :thumbsup:

I think I'd focus on a truck with the same engine and trans setup as this one- that way you will find it easier to stockpile parts. :)

Just a couple more pictures


No clue on how the grille became tan. Just happened from 14ish years/183k miles of driving.

Ya, the graphite spray just wore off. :)

Nice backdrop! :thumbsup:

You can remove the grill and re-paint it. I did it with mine (see registry). I used some Dupicolor truck bed liner rattle can spray. I think it makes the front end look 10X better.

I also painted my plastic bumper trim and side steps. Mine looked more purple/grey than yours. Yours actually looks grey.

I like those side skirts compared to my side steps. But since I have a 5 and 4 year old that actually use them, I need to keep the steps.

I just ordered a new grille to throw on my X. Supposed to the graphite or a gloss black with the chrome trim. Next is a rear-end for the X and then headlights. They're looking old.

Looking good mate, real nice rig!!!

If it's off eBay or not a Ford part, it will be black. I ordered one for Snowball, and ended up sending it back because it wasn't silver, but the black looks good, I just wanted silver...

Well as long as its black or dark grey. I personally dislike the silver on 98-01 Explorers. I got the broken tail light replaced, my grille is coming in wednesday, and I may be driving to Salt Lake City to get me a bumper this sunday. :) I'm going to have this rig finished in a year with the rate things are going.


This just showed up. Not sure I like the light gray/silver color. I may repaint it to black (I have all the stuff to do so)

Big red gets a clay bar and waxing tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the clay barring part. It hasn't been waxed for at least 8 years, so the paint is going to be dirty as hell...

Just so you know and knowingly complicate things, there are differently aggressive clays... I used the "aggressive" clay on Deuce, it was trashed. :D

The Explorer got washed, polished, and waxed today. :) She looks great after a nice waxing.


And a couple various pictures:



She's looking good now.

Bloody oath mate, cherry ripe!

hey nate is ur rear windows limo tinted

so is the 05 still your DD or is it in storage now? and i'm liking that 98. thoughts of putting your stock 17's on it?

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The 05 went to the transmission shop. The guy drove it, tried to see if any codes were set, inspected it and then figured out what it was. The transmission bands are either too tight or too loose; he told me when it shifts there was an awful lot of hang-up time between shifts. He's adjusting the bands next week; said that this transmission is good otherwise.
I have thought about those 17's on this explorer. I may throw em on when I get tires to see how it looks. If not I'll be getting the stock 16's.