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Navigation DVDs: 12P for $30 and 13P for $45 !!!!


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December 25, 2015
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Rutland, MA
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2010 Explorer
Wanted to create a separate thread for updating the Nav DVDs for the Gen 4's (up to 2008). These Nav Units use the DVD 'as a hard drive' i.e. the DVD needs to be installed for unit to work. Starting in 09, the Nav Units have actual hard drives and you use the DVD to write the HD. You will here these HD units sometimes referred to as "jukebox style" and they do take different NAV DVDs.

Not sure how long they have been around but have not seen any other posts about them: NaviDVD at is the place to go!

They carry a laundry list of makes, including Ford.

For the Ford, you have the choice of the 12P ($30) or 13P ($45) and is listed as covering (in part):
* Ford Explorer (2006-2008)
* Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2007-2008)
* Ford Expedition(2007-2008) Ford Expedition L (2007-2008)

I got the 13P for my 07 Expy and it works great!

From my other post, about my 'Navigation Dilemma', I did a sort of review of it:

Based on a mail I sent them about a DVD for a 2010 Explorer, NaviDVD replied that 'maybe in 2016 will have what is needed for the 2010 Explorer and the DVDs work or money back, we are the best maps in the business.'

And since they did have that too good to be true 13P for $45 + $6 shipping for my Expy, I bought it.
Here is what I got in the mail a few days later:
* a Verbatim brand DVD disc without any FLM logos, etc.
* a page long note explaining why no logos and how to install

Well I loaded it up and sure enough: now is 13P!

So I took the new 13P Nav DVD for a spin in the 07 Expy.
Same sexy voice, same mispronunciation of our Indian tribe named roads.
And I checked out some map detail of places that have undergone major re-routing / construction along with new POIs and all is good!

Enjoy! :D