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Navigator Engine in X

hmn4389 said:
I plan on buying a new transmission for the 5.0. So I should buy a 302 5.0L engine from a used explorer, and install a 347 stroker kit right? I dont want AWD. Would i need any other parts like cams or intake valves?
This isn't going to be a cheap date. Your going to need a whole bunch of supporting mods to make the extra cubic inches worthwhile. You'll need a cam, and having some headwork(ie some porting and new intake, and exhuast valves) You'd want an Explorer that came with gt-40p heads. The block will need to be machined to work with the longer stroke. A machine shop will have to do this. Since you seem to be fairly new to motors and such I'd have the machine shop put the kit in, and do most of the assembly. It's a lot of money to take a gamble with, unless you know someone who is quaified to assemble motors.

And there is no way you'd get that 6.0 within 3 feet of your a4ld.

yea i know is that the most unlilky comonation