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Need 5-ch amp recommendation


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November 19, 2000
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I'm looking to upgrade my system in a 2000 Eddie Bauer and want to get a 5-channel amp for new Polk DX7 3-way speakers (front and rear) and an MTX Thunderform sub. The only location I can think of to place this would be under the rear passenger side seat but the dimensions seem limited to about 9 inches deep and the contour of the floor is quite irregular. First, any favorite 5-channel amps? Second, will this location suffice for most amps or is there another location to consider without giving up space or being noticeable? Thanks for the help.

That's where I have my amp mounted. I made a mount that raises the amp up a few inches and gives it a flat surface to sit on. Looks great and is hidden as well. I have an Infinity five channel amp for sale if you are interested. It's the Kappa 255a. I only used it for a month. Let me know.



5-Channel amp

Well a five channel amp is great since it will run your entire system, but most companies make great bass amps, or great higher frequency amps. I will tell you though that I have an Eclipse 5 channel which runs everything very well, but I am in the process of selling it to put in two seperate amps (probably precision power or adcom) to run my setup. The two separate amps take up more room (obviously) and will cost some more money, but don't make the same mistake I did in buying a 5-channel and then wanting more power. You need to decide how much you are willing to put into this venture, and how serious you are about your system.

Good luck,
Karl Burns