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Need a Strong trans?

I have a 93 4.0L with 110K and I am planning on get a supercharger and running 10 -15 psig. I am going to rebuild the engine, but what do I need to do with the transmission? Will it be able to handle almost 400hp? Its a auto.

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Do you have the auto or the manual? With the manual, I'd say swap to a T5. With the auto, I don't know.

Step #1 remove auto tranny Step #2 Kick VERY hard into bushes Step#3 install T-5 Step #4 crack a few cold ones and pat self on back.

If you stay with the 4.0L then go with a t-5. I have one in my friends ranger and it works really well with his supercharged built motor. 400 hp no problem.

What are you building anyway ?
Drag/Street or Trail/Street ?

Convert to a 5.0 and put an NV4500 behind it with an Atlas II; that should do it.


what does a T-5 come out of? and this is a bolt up to the 4.0? does it matter wich 4.0? like 91 models.

Try this link , scroll down the page there should be some T-5 information, No its not a direct bolt in but and both sell the conversion parts and from what i have seen if your gonna keep your explorer for a while and dont mind a stick get a T-5. I have spent $2000.00 on my A4LD auto i could have spent a bit more got a T-5 and never had to worry about my transmission again.

If you don't need OD, then look for an 84-85 Ranger/Bronco II C5 auto tranny if you want to keep an auto.

It's identical to the C4 in terms of gearing, but it has an additional clutch disc in its pack.

It is shorter than the A4LD, so driveshaft mods would be needed. With a T5 I think driveshaft mods are needed anyways.