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Need a Sub Box???

I think for now ill pass, thanks though, I want to save my money another possible project. Goodluck with the sell.

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i know i am new here, but i am interested in the smaller of the boxes, 19" i believe you stated... i would just need to know a lead time. you can email me direct anthonykujawa at mac dot com

like the idea for this box... may be interested

...Sorry I haven't replied sooner...


...A couple things...I am waiting on making at least 10 of these on the first run...I still need a few more people that want them so let me know...

...Before I even start selling them, and after I have a few people that are really interested and do want them, I need to pay "Vendor" fees here...I've already talked to Rick about this so it's all left up to who is really interested so let me know or this will not happen...

...For those who are interested, please include your zip codes so I can at least do some home work and see what these will cost to ship...Thanks...

hmmm something tells me shipping should'nt be a problem for mine ;)

TBars you've got PM!

...The sub box depth from face, to face of back panel is 5"...;)

...I guess I forgot to upload the other pics to show some fitment angles...:confused:




Have you finished these, I'm really interested in getting one once I get the money to buy the sub.

...It's been a year and no one wanted them after I got it all together and put a price on them..(post #80)...:dunno:

...I have the templates to make them and if we can get 10 people together that wants them, I'll make a run of them...;)...:hammer:

How big of sub can you fit in there?