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Need ABS genius


April 2, 2000
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Northeast Iowa
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91 xlt
Just got a 94 explorer recently and am having brake problems. Brake and abs lights are off but brakes act weird. They work fine under a normal stop up until you are slowed down to about five mph, then the pedal pulses slightly and the vehicle pulls to the right as it stops. Put new pads in, turned rotors and bled system twice. Any ideas or ways to diagnos? One other thing, doesn't seem to take much to get the brake pedal to pulse when you brake somewhat hard on a gravel road. Thanks

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Change out your front calipers. One is hanging up and causing you to pull to one side. Also make sure your tire presure is equal on both of the front tires.

Brett Grooms
94 Explorer Sport

I changed my front calipers completely. I bought loaded calipers which came with steel pistons instead of the composite OEM ones which tend to swell and stuck thus causing the pulling to one side. After replacing the calipers, my '91XLT stops straight again. Hope this helps.

Did you check the rear brakes alos. If you have a leaking wheel cyl. it will soak the shoes with fluid and cause a pull to that side also. You might have a back axle seal. It sounds like you have replace about everything. I would check to make sure your rotors don't have "hot spots" in them. This will casue a slipping and a crabbing effect.

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When you replace the front calipers, replace the two front brake hoses also. For my '91 they're about 20 bucks each for bendix. Also clean the caliper slides, and ensure there are no burrs on them, lighty coat with anti-sieze, and install new slide pins.

It doesn't sound like an ABS problem.

'91 EB Explorer

Thanks for the replys. Still think it is the abs. Just pulled the plug on one of the wheel sensors on the front wheel and the abs light came on but now there is no pulling to one side or pulsing in the pedal. Anybody know how to tell if a wheel sensor is bad? I think you can test with an ohm meter but not sure. Thanks


'96 XLT
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Tell ya what mate, I'm betting your problem is the ABS sensors. Ford has a tech bulletin out on this.

Basically, if that's it, you are gonna end up replacing the sensors on both sides of the front brakes. The sensor on the driver's side is defective on your Explorer (which causes it to engage falsely while the right brakes clamp down, thus causing the pull to the proved this when you disengaged the ABS and the pull disappeared), but the sensors have to be balanced, so you get to buy a set of them. I just went thru a whole year of trying to solve exactly the same problem, and the bottom line is, new sensors in a matched set. There is a minor possibility that removing and cleaning the sensor will solve it, but if that works for you, you got a lot more luck than i did.

One more i recall this Tech Bulletin was for 95/96 and possibly later models, but the braking action you describe is exactly the same as is described in the bulletin. Well, maybe on pre-95s you can just replace the bad one...I don't know.

'96 XLT
"You can run, but you can't dogs track."

Hey, thanks Eric, I'll check it out and let you know but it does sound like you could be right.

Hey, I think I lucked out. Got her fixed the problem was the left front wheel sensor. Replaced it with one I got at the local Napa store and it seems to work fine now. What a relief! Thanks to all who replied.

How much did you pay for that sensor at Napa. It ran me $66 at the dealership.

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Mac I paid 48.65 for the sensor with tax.