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Need Adice on Discconecting Vapor Tube from Vapor Evap Check Valve on Fuel tank


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March 13, 2016
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'00 Explorer EB 4SOHC RWD
I am now hanged up on dropping my 21 gallon tank by the vapor tube not disconnecting from the Evap Vapor Check Valve. the tank is partially down a few inches.

I take it that these connectors are removed by pressing in both tabs on the female connector, right?

I feel like the far side seems to free up a little as when moving the connector towards / away from the check valve neck that I do hear a click, like securing it back.

I have tried to push the tank upwards as to relieve any tension the valve neck and tube may have and thats when the one of two sides seem to free up.. when I did the fuel line connector, it seemed to what disconnect easier after I release the fuel line pressure... is this the same case with the vapor lines? Should I release pressure using the Evap service port near the radiator?

any advice? I am doing this using jack stands, on my back so I really cant see anything I am doing reaching over the drive shaft, and with one hand only. would spraying it with Silicon help or should not?

I have a pic up on the expedition forum...

i found a photo on the web that shows the same type of vapor tube connectors at

upon a good look at my close up pic, it seems that the connector can be considered that each press tab is 90' of a 360 circle... then the other 90' spots are what truly hold the tube onto the neck... right? nothing more that those two opposing pieces that are holding it on. If they then are on top and bottom, it simply becomes a matter of pressing the tabs and working it up and down to free up the raised collar on valve neck from the two locking slits

Well, I finally got the vapor tube disconnected... seems that you really need to do this before lowing tank if you can... or at the very least a minimal position of tank being lowered. I really had to try to move the tank upwards to relieve any tension on that tube, connector, and neck... and a little wiggling.

I did press the service port schrader valve but sensed no pressure release