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NEED Advice 92 expo A4LD


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April 7, 2003
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Virginia beach VA
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
92 expo with the A4LD 2WD , last month the front seal blew in the bellhousing pissing trans fluid all over does this mean the tranny is hosed since we where driving it when it went , id rather take it down and replace the seal and all gaskets and vac modulator and the govenor as well , being cheaper is better and maybe a quick fix for a while till its sold , OR go the junkie and get another one and plop it in and hope 4 the best any suggestions ?? advice ? thx

did get a price of 500 for a A4LD from a junkie TO MUCH , the junkie also told me the any tranny (A4LD) fron 91 to 94 explorer OR ranger will work in MY 92 Expo is this true ????

You could replace the seal yourself. You don't have to replace the entire transmission. Replace the flywheel to crankshaft spacer, and rear main engine seal while the transmission is out. Enlarge the drain back hole in the bell housing to a 5/16" diameter. If it's really bad, and has high mileage, then you might need to have a new bushing machined into the bell housing. In the mean time, check your coolant level, fan clutch, and thermostat before you make a big job out of this. I had this problem when my fan clutch went bad. The seal would blow out on the highway when I had the A/C on, and traveled in O/D up an incline.