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Need advice on D35 ring and pinion and more...


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May 30, 1999
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2013 Explorer Interceptor
I'm going to Atlanta to pick-up complete 8.8 with 4.10 stock so now I'll need to replace front pig with matching gears and possibly put a locker in there.

I need advice on best place to buy ring and pinion and locker for front D35 (1st generation)... I need to know what you guys paid for gears and if you had any problems with them (and lockers).

I would buy the dana gears (actually I did) they have the 4.10s. Fourwheel parts wholesalers.

You probably wont need the master kit since the front ends in most Exs (until the folks on this site get a hold of them) dont see much use. The bearings and races will be in great shape. The Dana gear set will come with the pinion crush sleeve, and nut. I think I paid 175 or so for the set. They are marked, and set up really easy you compare whta you have to what is marked and they are usually right on - check preload and you are done.

Lockers same palce I guess- depends on what you want- 4wparts doesnt do powertrax, but handle detroit stuff.

GOod Luck

thanks, I'll check with them on these gears then.