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Need advice on tires/lift


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May 31, 2010
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I know this has been a big topic and I'm going bring this up again.
I'm probably doing a 1.5" front 1.25" rear. Not too big as I dont want to kill my ball joints. I have a 3.55 differential and plan on re-gearing to a 4.10 eventually. Anyways I am doing tires before lift, and need to know;
265/70/16 ~ 31" (30.7") or a 265/75/16 ~ 32" (31.6")
Would the smaller 31" tire look as good as the 32" tire?


heck ya man just get a good a/t and you prolly wont be able to even tell. im willing to bet you could fit the larger though, with either very minor rubbing or none. Besides, a little rubbing cant be all that big of a deal if you're going to lift it soon right? go big, you'll regret it if you don't. true story.

If you go with the 265/75/16 and they are on the stock rims..then you might want to get the tires mounted on the rims and then you mount the tires and rims yourself to the truck. Because i had problems with my truck at PepBoys when i didnt have the lift and still on stock rims at the time. They wouldnt put 265/75/16 A/T on because it was rubbing on the plastic and the spindle at full lock. Thank god they didnt charge me for anything.. but it sucked to get the call from them saying we mounted the tires but had to take them off because they were rubbing.. and they couldnt sell that size tire to me because of the rubbing.. So just a heads up...
265/75 is the way to go in my opinion..

I have 265/75 R16 on my stock height 02. Don't get any rub at full lock, just some rub on the top of the wheel well when going over big bumps fast or flexing while off roading. The tires are VERY close to the knuckle, but definitely do not rub for me.