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Need advice---while I have the $$$


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November 10, 2000
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Woodbridge NJ
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91 XLT
Hello all...

I will be tearing down my 91 xlt(102k) to take care of either(hopefully) a blown head gasket or (w/my luck) a cracked head. With my new found riches (ie:tax rebate), what other performance mods does everyone suggest while I'm at it? If it is a head, I'll put her in the shop to polish, bore, etc... I recently recplaced the upper intake manifold and valve cover gaskets, along with cooling system (hoses, tstat, flush/fill). Also to be upgraded at the same time--- Warn auto>manual hubs, ART Rotors, and suspension. Along with Engine mods...Which route shoud I go for the lift? (I know there are tons of posts) My options are 2.5" susp lift kit or Warrior shackles (rear) and spacer/coil replacement(front) and shocks. Need advise on front coils.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
BTW= We got about 1500....lets go shopping!!!

Is this the right forum???

If it's just the gasket, just do your normal mods. But if you happened to have a cracked head, go VANIR!!!