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need amp advice


April 28, 2003
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Rochester, NY
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98 XLT 4x4 SOHC
i have a new pioneer 5500 HU and 6.5 pioneer 225 watt speakers in front, new 6x8 pioneer 250 watt speakers in back doors, and a thunderform w/100 watt sub on the way, should I get a 4 channel to power the sub and back speakers or get a 5 channel amp to power all the speakers and the sub ? I'm not sure what would sound better or maybe no difference at all.

i would attempt to give the door speakers between 30 and 50 watts of true rms power with a four channel amplifier and also give the sub its rms rating. you said it was a 100 watt sub- if thats the rms then i would buy a 5 channel amplifier that has 30-50 by 4 as well as 100 watts on the fifth channel.

hi expo5.0, thanks for the imput, the sub has a rms of 250, the amp i'm leaning towards is the kicker kx700.5, it gives 200 watts to the sub and 40 to speakers, also they have new ones on ebay very cheap. hey expo, your explorer looks great, i was thinking about getting an air dam from EE but have yet to see one in white till now, looks great, i'm gonna have to get one now. :D

that would be a great amp for that set-up.