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need ashtray help !!

I took the ash tray the whole dash tray and all off my dash in my first gen and now I have a gap at the top of the ash tray lid and the dash that wasant there before, does anyone know why? thank for the help !!


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Something probably isn't seated right. I'd check to see if you pressed everything back in correctly. I'm just trying to picture this, but haven't done any dash removal myself

i took it out again and tried it but still couldnt get the darn thing in right. oh I forgot to menton this is on a 1994 if it matters. thanks for the help again


a picture would be useful... for those of us who have 2nd or 3gen x's

Did you take the WHOLE dashboard off? I was confused by that part.

this at all what it looks like?

this is a more head-on view...

yes thats the dash I have, I had the whole instrument bezel off so I had to take the ash tray and the ash tray bracket that screws to the dash completely out. the gap I have is at the top of the ash tray just under the heater controls, sorry I dont have a camera to show you all. its not a huge gap maybe like a 1/4 inch.

I'm curious if everything else lines up right? Like does the pannel sit in the same postion as it did before? I know when I do something like that, my panels always seem alittle bit different, iv'e never had to take the dash apart. I think there are tracts that the ash tray run on too...i'm sure you already have but making sure that it's on the tracks.

Good luck

p.s. what part of indiana are you in?

Hydroxy: Whose console is that? It looks really cool, never seen it before.

*shrug* did a google of like '94 dash' then hit the 'images' button

94 dash
94 console
something like that

yeah the rest of my dash is lined up i actually forgot all about the gap so I forgot all about this post lol I live near kokomo Indiana small town called greentown but me and my father own a transmission shop in kokomo

my god that first pic look's exactly like my mom's 94!!

I've had this problem several times over the years installing radios in both the Explorer and Rangers with this dash type. What you have to do is remove the ashtray itsself then remove the two 7mm bolts out of the front. WIth those out you can move the bracketry to seat everything properly. Make sure that your dash panel is completely seated in all the way around which I'm assuming you've done. Then you have to pull the bracket out and slide it back into the hole almost horizontally. There is a tab of sorts that is on the back of that bracket that has to line up otherwise it throws the angle off.. then having the problem your having now.

Hope this helps!

Do you have the two black peices in the side of the ash tray? i made this error the first time i took mine out but i later found the 2 black peices on my mat and just trouble shot it and figured it out try that.

This has happened to me before and I scratched my head for a while trying to figure it out.. It looked like I installed it correctly, but had this huge gap... I took the tray out and reinstalled it several times and it just fell into place..