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Need CB Radio Help

eX mobile

May 30, 2010
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Roswell, Georgia
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2002 Explorer Sport
So i bought a cb radio today and plan on installing it with my antennas on the roof rack i have. Any tips or advise will be appretiated as to how to use this thing and how to install it

Few questions:
- how to install with antennas on roof
- how to work the cb
- anything i need to know about before dropping this in my 02 sport?

Thanks! Help is greatly appretiated!

try this

also the install, mount to wear it is out of the way of your knees, I run my antenna wire under the door trim to the back and had coming out of the top of the back hatch. take your time when you run the wire and hide it good. make sure you put t fuse on the power wire to the radio Just in Case