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Need Clarification For Part Number of Blend Door Actuator - 2000 EATC


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March 13, 2016
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'00 Explorer EB 4SOHC RWD
2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 SOHC RWD only with EATC (no rear HVAC system).

So I had my blend door actuator go bad... Was getting thumping noise and then intermittent issues on vent temp output. codes 24/25 when I ran the diagnostic test.

I took out the actuator and found that 2 splines were broken off and laying in the grease for the middle small gear.

Sticker on the actuator had the number, f87h19e616ab, which my local ford dealer parts guy said was a engineering number and not the part number. So with my SUVs info he said the actuator part number is YL5z19e616aa (YH-1767) and it is a white plastic casing vs the old being black.

I plugged it in and nothing... no movement from the new motorcraft actuator (i.e. post did not rotate during any temp setting change). ran the diagnostic again and got the common actuator short codes 24/25 and the solar sensor 52. I am ignoring 52 for now as it never came back up, but I did kinda give it a tap for good luck :)

Did things like cleared the codes in the EATC, disconnected battery positive cable. Still nothing from the new actuator and just the same 24/25 codes. Volt meter shows 5 volts on pin 6 when I ground it to metal bracket near air box while I am running the MAX AC.

I put the old, original unit back together, plugged it in and tested it with temp setting changes and the post rotated. I still got code 24 here I think. However the point is the old one is still "working" on demand.

I don't want to open up the new part casing from the dealer. Can someone tell me if this is the correct part??? I know be reading, many people have changed this and got dorman parts wrong / right... finally got dealer parts and things worked, etc.

Upon web searching, I am seeing info that this part, YL5z19e616aa (YH-1767), is for the manual temp controls.

Can some please verify what exact motorcraft part they got ???

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Front or rear actuator? I assume front...

The least expensive replacement is the Dorman 604-201, which is only for the EATC HVAC systems. I installed one last winter in my '01 EB. It was under $20 on Amazone and I paid about $3 for it using some points. It's been working fine for about 6 months.

The manual and automatic actuators look the same externally, but are totally different electronically, so they are not interchangeable.

If you want even take the gear out of the Dorman actuator and install it in your OE actuator. The Ford OE actuators cost around $60 and typically it's the plastic gear that breaks.

I prefer motorcraft which I got from the dealer already... its not working. I am hoping someone here can verify things with me as the old one still rotates but the new one is not.

Just talked to another dealer... so I wonder if it may boil down to this...
the "engineering" part number from the old does not cross over to anything that they see.
in looking at diagrams there appears to be two choices for EATC systems - with or without auxiliary AC.

So I wonder if the EATC saying "Rear AC" and the 2nd row having manual vent controls in the center console actually implies that I have auxiliary AC overall.

I never seen or heard of a 2000 explorer that actually has a full rear AC system and heater core in the rear quarter panel (like expeditions have). I wonder if these Eddie Bauers really are "auxiliary air" vs say a 2 door sport or XLS which I don't see having a big center console with vents running through them to the 2nd row.

So the choices now seem to be
with aux
f77z-19e616-ab (yh-1841)

f87z-19e616-aa (yh-1761)


YL5Z-19E616-AA is for manual a/c controls. You want the F87Z-19E616-AA

When I searched for a Motorcraft part number to match my 2001 EB's EATC blend door actuator I could not find one that matched my original OE part number. After searching for one that looked and sounded correct (searching multiple times over months with no luck) I decided to try the Dorman 604-201 actuator for automatic HVAC controls. I figured for the $3 it cost me, even if it didn't work properly, I could always swap the new gear over into my broken OE actuator. There's really very little in the way of parts/electronics inside the automatic actuator as the EATC is what does the control of the blend door position.

My only complaint with the Dorman part is that it was a bit more difficult to install than the Motorcraft actuator. I wrote and posted a review on the Dorman part (link below). The actuator has been working perfectly for 6 months now. Other's here have reported the same results.

Dorman 604-201 EATC Blend Door Actuator review

If you must have a Motorcraft actuator good luck with finding one. Searches retrieve multiple part numbers and actuators that don't look or sound like the original part.