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Need door wiring diagram for 93 Ex


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August 27, 2009
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Greensboro, NC
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93 ExElTee
I took my front doors off (60 degrees the last few days :cool:) and cut all the wires going to the doors in the process. I am trying to make my life a little easier by not worrying about rewiring my power locks and mirrors, but all of my windows are down and it's supposed to rain the next few days. So if anyone could direct me to a door wiring diagram for a 93 XLT w/ power windows/locks/mirrors, I'd appreciate it. I heard that the Haynes service manuals have these diagrams, is this true?

Thanks in advance.

Haynes does have wiring diagrams, also in the stock 91-94 section there is a link to one of our members who has wiring diagrams