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Need electrical help on 94 ex


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February 14, 2011
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York, PA
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1994 XLT
Hi, I'm new to my ex... its a 1994 explorer xlt. It has a 6inch skyjacker lift and 35's. Four door and five speed. Here's my dilemma. My truck just recently started blowing fuses. Just the turn signal fuses. Controls the turn signals, turn indicators, rear defroster, and reverse lights. However once this fuse blows my heater blower doesn't work. Fuse is still ok. Now if u replace the fuse nd just turn the key to run, not actually start the truck, and it all works great! As soon as I start the truck it blows the fuse. Any ideas as to what my issue is? Thanks, Chris.

COuld be a bad fan motor? With out sitting down with a meter it is going to be hard to find. Does the fuse blow with the blower motor off?

Yes whether the blower motor is on or not, as soon as u start the truck it blows the fuse...

check for bad grounds on all circuits in that part of the loom, all signals, bulbs anything out of ordinary should stick right out like a sore thumb.