NEED HELP A.S.A.P. Upper Control Arm ... can't get the balljoint in the knuckle | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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NEED HELP A.S.A.P. Upper Control Arm ... can't get the balljoint in the knuckle


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September 15, 2009
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1992 Explorer 2wd
OK, now I have another problem ... I finally removed the old upper control arm ... heres the new problem .... I cannot get the new balljoint to go all the way into the knuckle ... I took it out and tried to beat the opening out wider with a punch and sledge, then greased the inside of it and the balljoint shaft and it still will not go ... any advice ?? ... thanks ... RSM

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I've had trouble getting them out when they had a little rust on them and had to keep pounding up on the control arm until it finally went. Try putting the prying end of the lug wrench or the end of a claw hammer between the two tabs where the pinch bolt goes through and twisting it a bit. It should spread the opening a little to get the ball joint in.

I did ... I hammered a large straight screwdriver in the opening and a straight punch and it still didn't loosen it up ... I am afraid to apply heat because I don't want to damage the new rubber balljoint boot :( ... I am stuck. I may go back out in the morning and try some more beating and wedging ... the new UCA shaft appears to be somehwat shorter than the old one, but it looks the same except for the extra length on the end. I was assuming by this that it would be much easier to install than the old one was to remove ... so much for that :D .... anyways it does have to go down until the groove cut into the shaft is where the pinch bolt can go in by the groove correct ? .... the lower part of it is going right in, but the rest of it won't go ... its the same diameter ... I am sure it goes down to the groove because I looked at the old one where it was removed and the lines were. ... anyways thanks for the advice ... I will get it somehow tom. today made 2 evenings I have worried with it. Thanks ... RSM

I had the same problem. I disconnected the knuckle on mine completely and put a buch of heat on that whole upper area. When I went to hammer it again it slipped right in with 4 wacks of the hammer.

I thought of that already, but I was afraid it would melt the boot :( ... If it didn't hurt yours though maybe it won't hurt mine. Thanks for the info.

you did completely remove the pinch bolt, right? :p:

you need a larger wedge (or screwdriver) I use a chissle or one side of a pickle fork, a few taps form a sledge to drive the wedge in and you are golden

GOT IT .... heated the knuckle a little with the torch and it went in like a dream ... thanks guys ... RSM